Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23 - Vinyl Pink Collection

I Want Vinyl With Me

A new summer vacation special was announced. A brand new single 'I Want You With Me' coupled with 'Give Me The Right' on pink clear vinyl.

Elvis Presley Gold And Platinum Collection

A new 3CD-set was announced by Readers Digest.

From the press-release:
Come on everybody let's rock! That famous sideways grin, the twinkle in his eyes, the hair…and those moves! He’s a man who needs no introduction. He’s the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis Presley was the singing sensation that swept the nation, prompting headlines like “Presley Puts the Swoon Back in Croon.” His voice, charisma, and stage presence are beyond legendary. After all these years his music still makes you jump to your feet and dance. So get “all shook up” to the sparkling sounds of Elvis’s gold and platinum hits. They called him “the young man with the big beats,” and now, Reader’s Digest is proud to give him the “royal treatment” on the 35th anniversary of his passing.

Estelle Brown In Hospital

As most fans know, Estelle Brown had difficulties walking because of her hip and knee problems. But not more now! She had surgery the other day, and although doctors advise her to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks for rehab, she feels a lot better and will be able to walk again without the use of a wheel chair.

Fans Did It!
The online petition that ElvisMatters started against the sale of Elvis's crypt and the Letter of Protest that ElvisMatters member Fred Omvlee personally handed to the management of Forest Hill made auction house Julian's decide to pull the crypt from the auction block! What a success! The fans proove that they can stand united! With the effort of ElvisMatters, the help of fan clubs all over the world and the support of over 10,000 fans who signed our petition, the crypt will remain empty - as it should!
Here's the official press release in English: "Elvis Presley’s crypt has left the auction block. Celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien said Friday that his company has agreed not to sell the crypt after fans worldwide demanded that it be kept as a shrine to his memory. (= the petition) Julien’s Auctions announced in May that it would sell the empty tomb at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tenn., at its “Music Icons” auction Sunday. Julien said the company won’t sell the crypt “until Forest Hills finds a plan that best suits the interests of the fans while respecting and preserving the memory of Elvis Presley.” Presley was interred there alongside his mother, Gladys, after he died Aug. 16, 1977. Two months later, they were reburied at his Graceland home. The original crypt has remained empty ever since."

Elvis Rocks New Animated Film
A new animated picture was announced. The publicity states:
Elvis Presley was last seen in movie theaters in the 1972 Golden Globe award winning film “Elvis on Tour,” and he will once again take theater goers by storm in 2012. 
In a lively animated Attraction film that features several iconic tracks from the King of Rock ‘n Roll we meet Memphis teens Aaron and Mindy. The teenage sweethearts are about to tie the knot when their marriage is thwarted at the altar by the conniving local Sheriff who has his own eyes on the innocent unsuspecting Mindy. This lively “rom com” animated film follows Aaron on a madcap journey from Memphis across the desert to Las Vegas in a bid to win back his true love and bride to be Mindy.
Officially licensed by EPE to create the film, The Juice Brand Limited is a global strategic brand management company for the entertainment industry that specializes in the development of 3d/4d/5d films and their associated licensing programs. Pauline Quayle, Director for The Juice Brand Limited, commented, “We have been pleased to work with such a famous and legendary icon as Elvis Presley and to have the full support of EPE to create a film that truly offers such wide appeal. Uniting generations and enabling them to enjoy a common link through the film has been a goal from the beginning. We are truly grateful to EPE, Inc. for allowing us to have the artistic flair to achieve the ultimate attraction experience.” 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Information Network / ElvisMatters)