Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December 03 - 77 Million For Elvis Remix

Sony Japan released the CD "Elvis Presley Selection: Eiichi Ohtaki's Juke Box".

Don't Be Cruel - Hound Dog - King Creole - Lover Doll - G. I. Blues - Doin' The Best I Can - Surrender -Lonely Man - Rock-A-Hula Baby - Can't Help Falling In Love - Return To Sender - Where Do You Come From - Viva Las Vegas - What'd I Say - Do The Clam - You'll Be Gone - Kissin' Cousins - It Hurts Me - Easy Question - It Feels So Right

Tommie Sunshine Remixes Classic Elvis Song

Record producer, remixer and DJ Tommie Sunshine has remixed Elvis' gospel track "I've Got A Feelin' in My Body."

"Working with the original recording session of Elvis Presley is nothing short of a psychedelic experience," Sunshine said. "Hearing his vocals by themselves was a window into how incredible of a singer he truly was."

Sunshine worked with Denver, Colorado-based producer Wuki for the remix. Sunshine honored the song's original smooth STAX groove and added in a fresh electronic dance music sound.

Listen to the link >> here.

First bid on Elvis's airplanes
A bidder with 100% positive feedback has placed a bid of 3.5 million dollars on both of Elvis's airplanes: the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II. However, since the reserve price wasn't met, there's no deal (yet). The seller, OKC Partnership now has the right to negotiate a 'buy now' agreement with the bidder. Let's see if they reach such an agreement. In anyway, the planes are no longer for sale on eBay.

City Council Approves $77 Million For Graceland Expansion
“Do we get free tickets?” asked Memphis City Councilman Lee Harris of a Graceland representative. The Memphis City Council approved giving $77 million of public resources to Elvis Presley Enterprises for a 120-acre expansion project at Graceland. “It appears based on the numbers that the city is putting in most of the money; will the city get title or any right to enter into the property?” asked Harris.

“This is a private project that the city and all other… it's open to the public if they pay their admission price they can come to the project,” the Graceland representative replied at Tuesday's council meeting. Graceland's expansion project consists of a new theater and exhibit archive, the 450-room hotel on Graceland property and a 300,000 square-foot retail and museum expansion.

While city council provided the money, Graceland reps said they will provide the land. “The large number of expense frightens me, the government getting involved in private enterprise frightens me, the other piece that frightens me is the long term obligation,” said Harris of the 20-year obligation. The funding was approved 10-1 at Tuesday's meeting. Graceland reps say the Elvis Presley landmark brings in nearly $180 million in tourism money for Memphis; they estimate the expansion will bring that to $1 billion during the next 15 years.

(Source: Elvis Aktuell / ElvisMatters / EPE / Soundcloud)