Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12 - What A Wonderful Life

The, for many fans, most important book release of the last few years, "The Ultimate Elvis" has been release.

This is the Complete And Definitive Recording Sessions book. This three-volume, individually numbered, deluxe set (in a beautiful slipcase), not only comprises all the session information available to date, based on Keith Flynn's incomparable website, but includes comprehensive notes on each session, discographies, reviews of every single, EP and album release, release dates, facsimiles of RCA's paperwork, session logs, listing notices, letters from Colonel Parker's office and RCA's archive, the reproduction of original sheet music covers (courtesy of Chris Giles), a huge index and a host of other things. 

Of course, as you have come to expect from The Elvis Files, the icing on the cake is a wealth of stunning photographs - approximately 1500 of them! - many of them previously unseen, relating to the time period in question. 

What A Wonderful Life

An unknown label has announced a new CD entitled "Elvis - What A Wonderful Life". This release contains 27 tracks recorded in 1961, including many previously unreleased by Elvis' record company.

From the publisher:
Including all missing outtakes from the movie "Follow That Dream" as well as many other recordings! All outtakes in top notch sound quality. Presented in a cardboard sleeve.

1. Home Is Where The Heart Is (take 12), 2. King Of The Whole Wide World (take 6), 3. Riding The Rainbow (take 6), 4. This Is Living (take 8), 5. Little Sister (master), 6. Rock-A-Hula-Baby (single master / mono), 7. Good Luck Charm (single master / mono), 8. I’m Yours (undubbed single master), 9. That’s Someone You Never Forget (master), 10. Kiss Me Quick (master), 11. Judy (master), 12. Follow That Dream (take 5*), 13. Follow That Dream (master), 14. I’m Not The Marrying Kind (take 1* & 5*), 15. A Whistling Tune (take 1)*, 16. I’m Not The Marrying Kind (take 7* & master), 17. Sound Advice (take 2*, 3*, 4* & 5*), 18. What A Wonderful Life (master), 19. Angel (master), 20. No More (take 9), 21. Beach Boy Blues (take 3*), 22. Slicin’ Sand (take 10), 23. Can’t Help Falling In Love (take 9*), 24. For The Millionth And The Last Time (take 6), 25. I Met Her Today (take 7), 26. Kiss Me Quick (take 11*), 27. On Top Of Old Smokey (movie excerpt) (* Previously unreleased by Elvis record company).

(Source: Elvis Aktuell)