Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30 - Rock Around The Bloch!

A teaser on a new Follow That Dream book has been announced by the Norwegian Flaming Star fan-club. The book is entitled "Elvis Presley Rock Around The Bloch!" and is written by David English and Pål Granlund. More information when available.

Henry Strzelecki Died

Tragic news out of Nashville where where prolific and beloved bass player Henry Strzelecki has passed away after being struck by a vehicle while out for a walk Monday, December 22nd. Strzelecki experienced severe injuries including major head trauma in the accident, and was in a coma over the holidays. He eventually passed away from the injuries on December 30th. He worked with Elvis Presley on the "Harem Scarum" sessions and the overdub on "Tomorrow Night" in 1965.

(Source: Flaming Star)