September 11 - Tracks Live A Little, Love A Little

Here is the track listing for the Follow That Dream re-issue of the "Live A Little, Love A Little" soundtrack. 

As speculation on the various boards have suggested, we did manage to find the session tapes for this movie, and we believe we have a very attractive release here.  The search also revealed that what the “clever people” thought, and that will definitely include me (Ernst), was wrong. The vocal for A Little Less Conversation on the version used for the re-mix single, was not recorded for the TV special – it’s actually take 2 of the song with the ending repaired. You can always learn something new!

Unfortunately, these tapes were the only ones we found from the MGM movies, and whereas proving something exists, is easy, it’s not easy to do the opposite. At this time we have exhausted our options to find these tapes – they would be in private hands if they survived. Meanwhile, here’s something to look forward to

Tracks Live A Little, Love A Little:

01 Wonderful World (2:15) (Guy Fletcher/Doug Flett) 
02 Edge Of Reality (3:19) (Bill Giant/Bernie Baum/Florence Kaye) 
03 A Little Less Conversation (2:18) (Billy Strange/Scott “Mac” Davis) 
04 Almost In Love (3:08) (Luiz Bonfa/Randy Starr) 
05 Wonderful World – take 1 3:02 06 A Little Less Conversation – takes 1, 2 2:40 07 Edge Of Reality – takes 1, 2 4:18 08 Almost In Love (2005) – takes 1, 4-6 5:45 09 Wonderful World – takes 2, 3 2:54 10 Edge Of Reality – take 3 3:52 11 A Little Less Conversation – takes 4-9 5:16 12 A Little Less Conversation – take 10 (album master) 2:28 13 Almost In Love – high key version instrumental track, rehearsal 3:23 14 Wonderful World¬ - take 7 (movie master) 2:35 15 Edge Of Reality – takes 5, 6 4:38 16 Almost In Love high key version – 2007 take and vocal overdub 2011 take 4 3:16 17 Wonderful World – takes 14, 15 3:16 18 A Little Less Conversation – takes 11, 12, 16 (single master) 5:27 19 Edge Of Reality – take 8 (master) 3:59 20 Almost In Love – track 2006 take 4 and vocal overdubs 2012 takes 2, 3 (master) 5:52 21 Wonderful World – takes 16, 17 (master) 3:18

Recorded for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Live A Little, Love A Little on March 7, 1968 at Western Recorders (Studio 1), Hollywood

Session hours: 7PM-3AM
Elvis’ vocal overdubs possibly recorded March 11, 1968
Arranger/session leader: Billy Strange
Engineer: Chuck Britz
Musicians: Joseph Gibbons, Neil Levang, Charles Britz, Alvin Casey: guitar; Larry Knechtal, Charles Berghofer: bass; Hal Blaine, Gary Coleman: drums; Don Randi: piano; B.J. Baker, Sally Stevens, Bob Tebow, John Bahler: vocals Lou Raderman, Sidney Sharp, Leonard Malarsky, Ralph Schaeffer, William Kurasch, Tibor Zelig, Jerome Reisler, James Getzoff, Harry Bluestone, Arnold Belnick, Bernard Kundell, Stanley Plummer: violin; Harry Hyams, Joseph Di Fiore, Leonard Selic, Louis Kievman, Gareth Nuttycombe, David Burk: viola; Jesse Ehrlich, Armand Kaproff, Joseph Di Tullio, Victor Sazer, Frederick Seykora, Harold Bemko: cello; Lew Mc Creary, Thomas Shepard, Richard Leith, Dick Hyde: trombone; Roy Caton, Oliver Mitchell: trumpet; James Horn: sax

Album produced and art directed by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen & Roger Semon Mastered by Sebastian Jeansson and Vic Anesini 


With the "Forever Elvis" CD sold out it should be no surprise it has had a big fall on Billboard's 200 Albums chart, and it is this week at #56 in its third week. On the Album Sales chart it dropped from #13 to #22. On the Rock Album chart it dropped from #5 to #6. On the Country Album chart it dropped from #3 to #6. 
  • The vinyl re-issues of “Elvis Presley” and “ELV1S 30 #1 Hits” which entered the UK Vinyl Album chart last week dropped off the last after only one week. 
  • The CD version of the “ELV1S 30 #1 Hits” also dropped out off the Official UK Album chart after it’s re-entry last week. 
  • The compilation “The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Songs“ re-entered the chart at #94.
  • The 2007 “The Essential Elvis Presley“ compilation dropped off the Beilag Mid-price Album Chart from last week’s listing at #45.
  • The 2011er CD “The Real... Elvis" climbed from #88 to #81 on the Irish Album chart. 
  • The DVD-Set “Music Legends: Elvis Presley” dropped from #2 to #3 on the Irish Music DVD chart.
  • The 6-DVD-Box "The Elvis Collection" dropped off the UK Music Video chart.
  • The CD "The Essential Elvis Presley" dropped off the Australian Catalogue Album charts.
Gold For Elvis!

Another UK Gold Album award for Elvis. The Sony Music Compilation “The Real … Elvis” was certified Gold. 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Australia)