April 16 - The Spirit of Elvis

A new book entitled “Elvis The Spirit of '76 - Live in Champaign October 1976” by Kieran Davis has been released. The 136-page hardcover book documents Elvis' only concert performance in Champaign on October 22, 1976 in black and white photographs.

This book differs from other publications from Kieran Davis as it is far more pictorial, with 90% being dedicated to the photographs taken at the concert by Joe Wilske. 

There is also a ‘collectors edition' that comes with the exact same book but also includes an original, one off 7x5 inch photograph printed in 1976 by the photographer who's pictures we have used in the book. Every photo is different and there is only one of each. 

In addition you get an original souvenir seller's inventory sheet from the night of the concert. Every one of these is unique, being an original tour document showing how many tour books, posters etc. a particular vendor sold and how much they earned in commission. Each is an original document actually used by the Elvis Presley Show and not a copy. Each photo and souvenir sheet is over 40 years old Limited to 30 sets only. Once they're gone that's it.

(Source: The Elvis Presley Show)