April 24 - New Documentary

English singer Colin Paul is currently working on a new documentary about the day Elvis died and its aftermath. In the introduction to the documentary, entitled "42 @ 42" he explains how it affected him when he was on a tour of Scotland with his parents in Oban. 

The documentary will mainly include news broadcasts from the US, UK and some from Europe, as well as interviews with those who were there, some recent interviews and some from that time. The documentary was inspired by his good friend Carey Rayburn in Memphis, who produced the documentary "8.16" a few years ago. "8.16" focused primarily on the fans and how they felt. Last week Paul traveled back to Oban (for the first time since 1977) with his family to film the intro. "42 @ 42" will be released on August 16, 2019 and will be available for free on YouTube. 

Anne Neyland Died

Anne Neyland, who portrayed a love interest of Elvis Presley's character in the 1957 movie Jailhouse Rock, died Wednesday, her family announced. She was 84. 

Neyland played Laury Jackson and Presley starred as Vince Everett, a construction worker who accidentally kills a man in a barroom brawl, in Jailhouse Rock, the singer's third movie overall and first at MGM. 

"These last three years he's been so used to people tearing at him wherever he goes that he's drawn-into as hell," Neyland once told Photoplay. "He's so used to being alone with a few close friends and going for drives and playing records that you can't get him out of it."

She dated Presley during the making of the film and for a spell afterward.

(Source FECC / ElvisMatters / The Hollywood Reporter)