Friday, April 03, 2020

April 03 - Elvis 1960 March 7 to March 31

The book 'Elvis 1960 March 7 to March 31' in Paul Belard's ongoing photo-record of the Elvis Presley story has been released. 

Comprising 207 pages it offers hundreds of color and black and white photos of Elvis' return to the US from the Army and his arrival back in Memphis. 

There are tons of images of Elvis being mobbed at each stop during his train trip back to Memphis and of course his arrival there. There is also a variety of interesting archival material and press articles, and narrative and images from the taping of the Frank Sinatra Timex Show "Welcome Home Elvis". 

The image quality is variable given the nature of some of the photos (candid shots) but the total package is visually and narratively pleasing. Elvis historians and photo-book collectors will love this book. 

Copies can be ordered directly from the author:

(Source: Elvis Information Network)