Thursday, April 23, 2020

April 23 - Review Elvis Presley G.I. in Germany

Re-issued by the German In-Akustik on their Magic of Vinyl label is a picture disc of their ‘Elvis Presley G.I. in Germany’ compilation. 
The Design 
The LP comes in a clear slipcase with an 'army camouflage' colored picture disc against  an army texture background as the main element of the design. Nicely done for a novelty release like this. 
The Content 
With a title like this the opening with a soundbite of Elvis Presley’s arrival in Friedberg Germany is well chosen. 

The compilation itself holds 20 songs. A good selection of rockers and ballads, including several also featured on the ‘G.I. Blues’ soundtrack, recorded around Elvis' army years.   
The compilation includes a home recording of 'Spanish Eyes' as a bonus track. The latter is a strange choice as it is a home recording from the seventies. Adding a home recording could be a nice 'German' touch, but the producers should have picked one of the many songs Elvis Presley recorded in Germany as there are plenty of songs to choose from. 

There is a German link to the song as German band-leader Bert Kaempfert co-wrote 'Spanish Eyes'. He also co-wrote the song 'Wooden Heart' which is featured on this LP. 
There are some pops during the play during ‘My Wish Came True’ a problem more common on picture discs. Some songs sound a little bit louder that others with 'Stuck on You’ being the loudest. But it is not really disturbing.
The Conclusion 
This compilation is a nice looking themed greatest hits compilation with some of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits. But it does have some minor flaws in the selection of songs and audio quality. File this release under 'novelty records' in your collection.