Thursday, April 30, 2020

April 30 - From Elvis In Memphis Book Update

Eric Wolfson shared some more details on his upcoming 'From Elvis In Memphis' book which is due in Bloomsbury’s popular '33 1/3' series on November 12, 2020. 

The Table of Contents for Eric Wolfson’s upcoming examination of Elvis’ seminal album, 'From Elvis In Memphis':
1. Prologue: From Elvis in Hell: June 1, 1967
2. The Cover: From Elvis in Hollywood
3. Side 1: From Elvis in Memphis
4. Interlude: From Elvis in Purgatory: February 17, 1969
5. Side 2: From Elvis in Memphis
6. Back Cover: From Elvis in Vegas
7. Epilogue: From Elvis in Paradise: November 1, 1969

More about the book:
"I had to leave town for a little while" with these words, Elvis Presley truly came home to rock and roll. A little over month earlier he had staged rock's first and greatest comeback in a television program, forever known as 'The '68 Comeback Special.' With this show, he resurrected himself--at the age of 33, no less--from the ashes of a career mired in lousy movies and even lousier soundtracks. So where to go from here?

Like a killer returning to the scene of the crime, Elvis came back home to Memphis, where it had all begun. Eschewing the fancier studios of Nashville and Hollywood, he set up shop at the ramshackle American Sound Studio, run by a maverick named Chips Moman with an in-house backing band simply known as "The Memphis Boys," and made the music of his life. The resulting work, From Elvis in Memphis, would be the finest studio album of his career, an explosion of mature confidence and fiery inspiration. It was the sound of Elvis--and, in turn, rock and roll--grappling with adulthood in a teenage music, as sung by the person who shaped it more than anyone else. 

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Bloomsbury Academic)