Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 10 - The Entertainer, All Shook Up On Tour

The Dutch Elvis One label announced the release of three new compilations: ‘All Shook Up, Across The Country 1957,’ ‘The Elvis On Tour Recordings’ and ‘The Man, The Legend, The Entertainer’. 

From the press release ‘All Shook Up, Across The Country 1957’: 

Elvis One presents ‘All Shook Up! - Across The Country 1957’. A great collection of 1957 live performances, interviews and radio reports, including a little more complete version of the Ed Sullivan Show from January 6, including an extra announcement from Ed Sullivan and the end theme of the show. Also some very rare recordings from the Midwest tour from March and the complete news report from Portland, Oregon, September 2. But there’s more to enjoy! Follow Elvis across the country in 1957.

Special note: All known recordings of Elvis Presley in Canada are available on the album ‘Elvis Presley Canada 1957’ from the Elvis One label released in 2016. An album with 25 tracks including the songs released on the 5 Canadian Elvis singles from 1957, original radio broadcasts, a press conference, live recordings, and more. Together with this release you’ll have the ultimate and complete Elvis 1957 live and interview collection you’ll ever find! 

All Shook Up (With Count-In)

The Midwest Tour:
KSHE Radio Interview (29.03.1957) - WOWO Radio Interview (30.03.1957) - The Story Of Elvis Visit To Detroit (31.03.1957) - Interviews With Hugh Jarrett And Others (31.03.1957) - Interviews With Elvis Fans (31.03.1957) - Live Concert Report (31.03.1957 - Including Parts Of “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Long Tall Sally”, “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin”, “All Shook Up”, “Playing For Keeps”, “Don’t Be Cruel” And “Hound Dog”) - Press Conference Excerpts (31.03.1957)

"Toast Of The Town - The Ed Sullivan Show" - 06.01.1957 Maxine Elliot Theater, New York:
Introduction - Hound Dog - Love Me Tender - Heartbreak Hotel - Don’t Be Cruel - Too Much - Elvis Talks - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Ed Sullivan Speaks - (There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) - Ed Sullivan Speaks / End Tune

The West Coast Tour:
ABC / KGW - TV interview (02.09.1957)

Mississippi - Alabama Faire & Dairy Show:
WELO Radio Newsreport (17.09.1957) - WELO Radio Interview (27.09.1957) - Interview With Anita Wood (27.09.1957)

Elvis In Hollywood:
"Loving You"-Trailer (German) . Interview Excerpt / "Jailhouse Rock"-Trailer - "Jailhouse Rock"-Promo

Details ‘The Elvis On Tour Recordings’:
A double CD from Elvis One. On this album you’ll hear all the Pierre Adidge and Robert Abel interviews for the movie ‘Elvis On Tour’ for the first time complete on one great new album, including two very intimate interviews with Elvis Presley, plus other recordings made for the movie that give us a unique insight into the private world of Elvis Presley. 

We’ve included the songs used for the 1950’s flashbacks in the movie, 2 original radio spots, some one-liners and more! An ultimate and important addition to the movie and all the known live recordings. Including a 12-pages booklet with photos and recording information. 

CD 1: Elvis On Tour (Radio Spot #1) - Mystery Train (Sun Master) - Minutes Before Showtime - The Excitement Of Seeing Elvis Live On Stage - A Special Meeting With Elvis (19.04.1972) - El Paso (30.03.1972 - Rehearsal Excerpt) - Don’t Be Cruel / Ready Teddy (Original Movie Edit) - Interview Excerpt / That’s All Right (Original Movie Edit) - Elvis On Tour (Radio Spot #2) - Elvis Interview (#1 - 31.03.1972 - Los Angeles, California) - Elvis Interview (#2 -07.1972 - Los Angeles, California) - Vernon Presley Interview (Part 1 - Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee | Outside) - Vernon Presley Interview (Part 2 - Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee | Inside)

CD 2: George Klein Interview (WHBQ, Memphis, Tennessee) - Little Rock Promotor Interview (17.04.1972) - Little Rock Promotor Visits Elvis (17.04.1972) - Welcome To Roanoke, Virginia (11.04.1972) - Hotel Rehearsal (14.04.1972 - Greensboro, North Carolina) - Limousine Ride (16.04.1972 - Jacksonville, Florida) - Backstage In Jacksonville (16.04.1972) - Backstage In San Antonio (18.04.1972) - Elvis On Tour Producers Talk And Joke With Elvis After The Show (15.04.1972 - Macon, Georgia) - Elvis, Charlie, Red And Joe Discuss Songs For The Upcoming Tour (30.03.1972 - Los Angeles, California) - Elvis, Charlie, Red And Joe Discuss Songs And Music Clearances (30.03.1972 - Los Angeles, California) - Backstage In Little Rock (#1 - 17.04.1972) - Backstage In Little Rock (#2 - 17.04.1972) - Rehearsal Excerpts (31.03.1972 - Los Angeles, California)

Bonus Tracks:
RIAA Gold Award Presentation (04.08.1972 - At Elvis Dressing Room, Las Vegas, Nevada) - “A Special Song For A Special Girl” (19.04.1972 - Albuquerque, New Mexicog)

Details ‘The Man, The Legend, The Entertainer’:
A collection of 31 tracks from the 1950's to the 1970's: including a rare RCA Victor radio spot from 1956 (previously unreleased on CD); some official previously unreleased outtakes; ‘No More’ and ‘Almost Always True’ with announcement from a German 10 inch promo record for ‘Blue Hawaii’; an interview excerpt from April 19, 1960 (for the first time on CD); some rare concert reports from the seventies, a special ‘happy birthday’ from the audience (and band) to Elvis; and more... 

RCA Victor Radio Spot (1956) - I’m Beginning To Forget You (Homerecording / Original Edit From “A Legendary Performer 4”) - Mono Lisa (Homerecording / Original Edit From “A Legendary Performer 4”) - Interview Excerpt (19.04.1960) - No More (From German 10 Inch Promo Record For “Blue Hawaii”) - Almost Always True (From German 10 Inch Promo Record For “Blue Hawaii”) - That’s Someone You Never Forget (Take 2 - 4) - I’m Yours (Work Part 1 - Ending, Take 1 & 2) 1:18- Fun In Acapulco (Radio Spot) - Shelley Fabares About Elvis (American Bandstand 1965) - Golden Coins (Take 1 & 2) - Jocelyn Lane About Elvis (American Bandstand 1965) - City By Night (Backing Track) - Suppose (Stereo Homerecording) - Suppose (Overdub / Added Reverb) - Suppose (Instrumental With Backing Vocals & Choir) - Suppose (Overdub) - Goin’ Home (Take 16 & 17) - Goin’ Home (Take 18 - 20) - Goin’ Home (Take 25 - 28) - Stay Away (Take 7 - 9) - Stay Away (Jerry Reed Overdub - Take 2) - U. S. Male (Take 4) - Charro (Radio Spots) - Elvis At The International Hotel (Radio Spot - 1969) - Elvis Comes To Louisville, KY. (News Report) - Elvis Comes To Fort Worth, TX. (News Report) - Elvis Comes To Mobile, AL. (News Report) - People Wait In Line For Elvis Tickets, Indianapolis, IN. (Vews Report) - Elvis Monologue / La Bamba (One Line / 04.09.1970 - Audience Recording) - Happy Birtday, Elvis (30.12.1976 - Audience Recording)

Loanne Parker Died

Loanne Parker, window of Colonel Parker died in Las Vegas. She was 84.

Loanne first met Colonel Parker in the spring of 1969, when he came into Las Vegas to sign a contract for the opening of the International Hotel. When  Elvis Presley started to tour Loanne was hired as the RCA tour secretary and continued to travel with the shows until the time of Elvis’ death. 

She married The Colonel in 1990, after the death of the Colonel’s first wife.

Songs That Saved My Life

U2's Bono turned 60 years old on Sunday, and celebrated this by presenting the ’60 Songs That Saved My Life”. “The ones I couldn’t have lived without… the ones that got me from there to here, zero to 60… through all the scrapes, all manner of nuisance, from the serious to the silly… and the joy, mostly joy.” 

Elvis Presley’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is listed at No. 15. 

He also wrote 60 separate fan letters to his musical heroes, everyone from the Beatles and the Ramones to BeyoncĂ© and Billie Eilish. “I wanted to thank the artists and everyone who helped make them,” he continued. “They were doing the same for me… I am writing a fan letter to accompany each song to try and explain my fascination.”

Dear Priscilla, Lisa Marie… 

It’s hard to exaggerate the role Elvis played in American life. It’s hard to exaggerate the role Elvis played in my life… and I’m Irish.

I apologise for the irreverence of my attempt at an epic poem with AMERICAN DAVID… it was to be a joyous rant that attempted to explain how Elvis curled the stiff upper lip of WASP America and turned it into a sneer and how by embracing the sex appeal of African American music and dance he liberated the world. 

He did have the face of Michelangelo's David though...please give me that. 
What beggars belief is how a part time trucker in Memphis, Tennessee gets away with wearing eye make up and zoot suits from Lansky’s age 18. I gasp at the risk he must have put himself in. What he really drove was a style and music revolution that wasn’t surpassed till hip hop planted its rhyming flag across continents. 

I choose this song because I have had my heart broken by distance. And I have spent many nights in this hotel that Darden and Axton constructed for Elvis to occupy.

Yours in debt, 


(Source: Elvis Shop London / ElvisMattes / Memphis Mansion / Lady Such Music / Bono - U2)