Saturday, May 16, 2020

May 16 - Five Movies

Paramount will release the 5 DVD set ‘Elvis 5 Movies’ containing the movies ‘G.I. Blues,’ ‘Blue Hawaii,’ ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!,’ ‘Roustabout’ and ‘Fun In Acapulco’. These DVDs have region code 2 and come with German and French audio and Danish, French, German, Italian and Swedish subtitles. 

The Coloring Sessions

Sony launched ‘the coloring sessions’ website. "We’re lucky to have a selection of some of the most beautiful, striking and creative album artwork of all time at our fingertips. We wanted to give our artists’ audiences the chance to take a moment out, explore their own creativity, drive focus and ultimately aid relaxation … By pairing music with the simple exercise of coloring in, we hope to create a mindful environment and a sense of calm for the audience'" 

Naturally, the very first classic album cover offered is 'Elvis Presley', the Kings first RCA album from 1956 which you can colour direct on the Sony site or you can send to yourself and print out.

Try it >>> The Coloring Sessions.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Zavi /The Elvis Express / The Coloring Sessions)