Friday, May 01, 2020

May 01 - Still Classy By The Falls

The Touchdown! import-release 'Down By The Falls' containing the July 13, 1975 Afternoon Show has been released. The sound-quality of this re-issue of the Niagara Falls concert is "much improved" according to the press release and it comes with various bonus tracks that representing  other highlights of Elvis’ acclaimed late summer tour in 1975.

Tracks: (01) See See Rider (02) I Got A Woman/Amen (03) Elvis Welcomes The Audience - (04) Big Boss Man (05) Love Me (06) If You Love Me, Let Me Know (07) Elvis Talks With The Audience (08) Love Me Tender (09) All Shook Up (10) Teddy Bear-Dont Be Cruel (11) Hound Dog (12) The Wonder Of You (13) Burning Love (14) T-R-O-U-B-L-E* (15) Why Me Lord?* (16) How Great Thou Art (17) Let Me Be There (18) Funny How Time Slips Away (19) Little Darlin (20) Cant Help Falling In Love (21) Closing Vamp (22) Trying To Get To You** (23) You Never Walk Alone** (24) Shake A Hand** (25) Turn Around, Look At Me** (26) It’s Midnight** (27) Fairytale** (28) Pieces Of My Life**

#1-#21 - Niagara Falls/ NY; * slightly incomplete.
** Bonus tracks - #22 - July 19, 1975 Uniondale/ NY (AS) - #23 - July 19, 1975 Uniondale/ NY (ES) - #24 - July 22, 1975 - #25-#27 - July 23, 1975 - #28 - July 24, 1975 (#24-#28 all Asheville/ North Carolina)

Still Classy In Omaha

The Verve import-release 'Still Classy In Omaha' has been released. According to the press release this release shows how good soundboards can sound, if done properly. 

"When the Follow That Dream label released the April 22, 1976 in Omaha concert many years ago almost everyone was disappointed about the mix with the background singers way, way up in front. It sounded terrible and it’s until today one of the worst releases by the collector’s label.

It was always said that you can’t do anything about the soundpicture, as the soundboard is what it is, but that’s wrong. It is possible to correct the soundpicture, which we did and now you can listen to a concert and find out why the press stated about Presley’s concert on the next day: „Still classy as a caddy!“ The background singers are mixed properly in the background and Elvis’ talent and charisma shines over it all. And a fine concert it was!"

Tracks: (01) Also Sprach Zarathustra** (02) See See Rider** (03) I Got A Woman/Amen (04) Elvis Greets The Audience (05) Love Me (06) If You Love Me, Let Me Know (07) You Gave Me A Mountain (08) Tryin To Get To You (09) All Shook Up (10) Teddy Bear-Dont Be Cruel (11) Heartbreak Hotel (12) America The Beautiful (13) Polk Salad Annie (14) Band Introductions pt.1 (15) James Burton Solo (16) Ronnie Tutt Solo (17) Jerry Scheff Solo (18) Tony Brown Solo (19) David Briggs Solo (20) Band Introductions pt.2 (21) Hurt (22) Hound Dog (23) Help Me (24) How Great Thou Art (25) Little Darlin’ (26) Its Now Or Never (27) Elvis Talks (28) Funny How Time Slips Away (29) Cant Help Falling In Love

** #1-2 - April 27, 1976 Spokane/ WA- #3-#27 - April 22, 1976 Omaha/ NE