Saturday, May 23, 2020

May 23 - A Plan of God

Further to the premiere of the exclusive photo of Elvis holding baby, Fawn Forbess, the Elvis Information Network added more information about Darrin Memmer's new book entitled 'A Plan of God & SUN: The Magic of Without You'.

Based on new first-hand accounts with those who knew Elvis during his high school and Sun Records days, and an analysis of previously published interviews, the book offers surprising new information about Elvis' Humes High School Class & Carnival Variety / Talent Show performances. Besides that it also offers a new perspective of the back story to the recording of Elvis' breakthrough single, 'That's All Right, Mama', and as the book title suggests 'Without You'. 

Elvis historians will also be pleased to know that the book should feature some very rare archival material from Elvis' SUN days. This includes the previously unpublished photo of Elvis from 1960 which Mary Ruth Forbess and Ms Forbess's important and revealing recollections of Elvis at Humes High.

Happy Birthday

Elvis Presley's former girlfriend Linda Thompson celebrated her 70th birthday.

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Facebook)