Friday, June 05, 2020

June 05 - Elvis 1956 Released

The book 'Elvis 1956 – September 9 First Ed Sullivan Show' by Paul Belard has been released. 

The “limited edition” first pressing focuses on one of the most significant events in the Elvis story, his first appearance on America’s most popular television entertainment program, The Ed Sullivan Show.

Elvis was reviewed at the time as "Anything more outrageously offensive to good taste, is hard to imagine – within the limits of the law. The young man seems devoid of talent, unless one recognises such a thing as a talent for vulgarity". How then, does he happen to appear again and again on a program allegedly governed by the American family’s sovereign demand for things of good taste?

On the >>> Elvis Information Network you can read a review by Nigel Patterson.

(Source: Elvis Information Network)