Friday, June 26, 2020

June 26 - Archive Collection

Due for release in the 'Archive Collection' on August 11th is the classic music documentary 'Elvis - That's The Way It Is'. The double disc release contains the 1970 theatrical version on DVD and the 2001 Special Edition on Blu-ray.

The set comes with English, Spanish and Portugese audio tracks and English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish subtitles.

He was a legend unlike any other. After years of making movies, Elvis made a triumphant return to the stage, including a stint of celebrity packed shows at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in 1970. Now, see the backstage footage from rehearsals to relaxing at the hotel and the performances in one of the most intimate looks at Elvis captured on film. Included here are both the 1970 theatrical version (DVD 108 mins) and the 2001 special edition (Blu-ray 95 mins), with the songs, the fans, the love and most of all...the King himself.

Milton Glaser Died

Milton Glaser, most famous for the design of the  "I ♥ NY" logo died, he was 91. In 1979 he designed an Elvis portrait for the dust jacket for the singer’s biography “Elvis” written by Albert Goldman.

"It belongs to one in a family of popular posters Glaser created in tribute to rock, country, pop, and classical artists such as Aretha Franklin, Jerry Garcia, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, and Simon & Garfunkel, among others. But this illustration of Elvis Presley as a young man stands out stylistically. It was sketched using colored pencil and crayon, bold lines and vivid colors that define the influential movement revolutionized by Push Pin Studios, a New York-based design firm Glaser co-founded in 1954. He created a softer, toned-down image of the youthful Elvis that signals innocence before his ultimate decline."

(Source: Elvis. Club Berlin)