Monday, June 15, 2020

June 15 - Stage and Book Highlights

The book 'Elvis: A Plan of God and SUN The Magic of 'Without You' by Darrin Memmer has been released. It features new information and never-seen-before documents from Elvis' Humes High School talent show performance and his SUN recordings'.

The book was released with an alternate cover and title for readers who feel strongly about using God's name, as 'Elvis, The Hand of Fate & SUN: The Magic of Without You'  

"The soft cover 'ELVIS, "A Plan of God" & SUN: The Magic of Without You' by Darrin Memmer has been released. Based on months of rigorous research, access to primary source materials, and interviews with those who were there at the time, the book provides fascinating, new information and never-before-seen archival documents about Elvis’ 12th grade Carnival Variety Show performance and Sun Studio recordings. 
The front cover of this 264-page, 6x9 soft cover dramatically takes you back to the Lauderdale Courts on January 8, 1953. The precise moment in time when a Boy from Tupelo turned eighteen years old and purposefully began his transition to an entertainer of renown in Memphis.

Highlights of this new release include: "Without You" lyrics and music chart handwritten on 2 pages within a Peters’ Blank Music Book. This previously-unseen document courtesy Rose Clayton.

Twenty-five pages devoted to the "real story" of which Mildred Scrivener-produced talent show Elvis appeared on (and won) at Humes High Two long-form interviews about Elvis’ appearance on the Humes High talent show: "Elvis In Red" At The Humes Variety Show in '53 with Buzzy Forbess, and Elvis' Audition and Humes Variety Show in '53 with Mary Ruth Forbess. Incredibly, Ms. Forbess reveals that Elvis had to audition to appear on the show!

John W. Heath authentic ticket for Humes High School Carnival Presents "The Variety Show," March 27, 1953. A sweet tenth-grader attending Humes High in 1954 recounts, in detail, being at the Porter-Leath Orphanage and hearing Elvis's debut on Dewey Phillips' radio show 'Red Hot and Blue'. It is the only such memory to ever be printed! Confirmation by Jud Phillips that Marion Keisker, not his brother, Sam, recorded Elvis' first demo The back story to the "Elvis at 18" photo taken by his mother, Ms. Presley A fresh examination of Elvis, Big Mama Thornton, and the recording of "Hound Dog" Two chapters, "A Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw" and "Folk Music Fireball", bring you an amazing 30 pages of SUN 209 knowledge

Darrin Memmer's 'ELVIS, "A Plan of God" & SUN: The Magic of Without You' devotes sixteen pages to the Jimmy Sweeney demo "Without You" (a passion of Chris Kennedy to be made available as a full-length album by Org Music in August 2020) and why it was EP’s magic moment at Sun Records. This book is published In Memory of Marion Keisker and dedicated to Mr. Buzzy Forbess."

Stage Highligts and Rarities

Due for release from the Elvis Concert Fan import label are three volumes entitled ‘Stage Highlights and Rarities’. 

From the press release: The Elvis Concert Fan label is proud to come up with a new CD series featuring highlights and rarities from Elvis live on stage from 1969 to 1977. A great collection of songs and moments recorded in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and on tour from the greatest entertainer of all time!

 All tracks are taken from the best possible sources including audience recordingsand soundboard recordings. All CDs come with a booklet with photos and recording information.

Volume one features 2 versions of "I'm Leaving It Up To You" (stage rehearsal and live version), "Turn Around, Look At Me", a great show opening with "That's All Right / C.C. Rider / That's All Right", a very long version of the medley "I Got A Woman / Amen" with a much longer full version of "Amen",  rare one liners and short versions like "For Once In My Life" and "Roses Are Red", and many others. 

Volume two features "When The Snow Is On The Roses", "You Can Have Her", "(The) Mickey Mouse (Club) March",  the very first live version of "Steamroller Blues", a rare show ending with "Also Sprach Zarathustra" after the "Closing Vamp", "Why Me Lord" (solo version), a spoken version of "You Gave Me A Mountain", rare one liners like "When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano" and "I Need Your Lovin’ Every Day", and many others.

Volume three features "Folsom Prison Blues / I Walk The Line", "Oh Happy Day", "The Blue Danube (An der schönen blauen Donau)" after "Suspicious Minds", "Help Me Make It Through The Night", rare one liners like "Stop The World And Let Me Off", "That's Amore", "Higher and Higher", "Detroit City" and "Turn Around, Look At Me", and many others.

Volume One:
I’m Leaving It Up To You (25.01.1973 - Stage Rehearsal - Las Vegas) - Elvis Playing With Laughing Box (20.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Crying Time 12.08.1973 MS - Las Vegas) - Young And Beautiful (19.08.1975 MS - Las Vegas) - Crying In The Chapel (19.08.1975 DS - Las Vegas) - More (20.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Turn Around, Look At Me - 23.07.1975 8:30pm - Asheville) - Johnny B. Goode ( - CS - Las Vegas) - One Night (24.06.1977 8:30pm - Madison) - I Couldn’t Live Without You (02.09.1974 - CS - Las Vegas) - What Now My Love (Spoken Version - 04.12.1976 DS Las Vegas) - It’s Now Or Never (Italian Version - - CS - Las Vegas) - My Boy / What A Friend We Have In Jesus / My Boy / Release Me / My Boy ( MS - Las Vegas) - America The Beautiful (09.12.1976 MS - Las Vegas) - I Just Can’t Help Believin’ ( ON - Las Vegas) - Jailhouse Rock / Amen / Jailhouse Rock ( MS - Las Vegas) - I John (01.08.1971 MS - Lake Tahoe) - I Got A Woman / Amen (22.07.1975 8:30pm - Asheville) - You’ll Never Walk Alone (Elvis At The Piano - 19.07.1975 8:30pm - Uniondale) - Memphis Tennessee 03.07.1973 8:30pm - Atlanta) - Opening Vamp / That’s All Right / C.C. Rider / That’s All Right (20.08.1975 CS - Las Vegas) - Suzie Q. (20.07.1975 2:30pm - Nortfolk) - Make The World Go Away (08.08.1973 MS - Las Vegas) - I’m Leaving It Up To You (10.02.1972 MS - Las Vegas)

Short Versions, One Liners And More:
For Once In My Life (02.09.1974 CS - Las Vegas) - Take These Chains From My Heart (21.08.1974 MS - Las Vegas) - The Most Beautiful Girl (27.01.1974 10pm - Las Vegas) - The Great Pretender (01.04.1975 DS - Las Vegas) - Rip It Up (14.08.1971 MS - Las Vegas) - Ave Maria (04.09.1972 CS - Las Vegas) - Love Me Tender Sung On Teddy Bear Tune (03.09.1971 DS - Las Vegas) - If I Can Dream (01.08.1971 MS - Lake Tahoe) - Roses Are Red (22.03.1975 CS - Las Vegas) - Blue Hawaii / Hawaiian Wedding Song (06.11.1971 2:30pm - Cleveland)

Volume Two:
When The Snow Is On The Roses (24.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - You’re The Reason I’m Living (22.03.1975 MS - Las Vegas) - Wooden Heart (13.12.1975 DS - Las Vegas) - Such A Night (12.12.1976 CS - Las Vegas) - Loving You (19.08.1975 DS - Las Vegas) - Bathroom Story (19.08.1975 MS - Las Vegas) - Happy Birthday To Charlie Hodge (12.12.1976 CShow - Las Vegas) - Sweet Inspiration (20.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - You Don’t Know Me / I Got A Woman (14.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Suspicious Minds (Laughing Version - 20.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - You Can Have Her (11.05.1974 2:30pm - Los Angeles) - I’ll Have To Go / Portrait Of My Love (03.08.1972 - Stage Rehearsal - Las Vegas) - You Gave Me A Mountain (Spoken Version - 03.07.1973 8:30pm - Atlanta) - Why Me Lord (Solo Version - 22.07.1975 8:30pm - Asheville) - Steamroller Blues (07.08.1972 MS - Las Vegas) - (The) Mickey Mouse (Club) March (01.04.1975 CS - Las Vegas) - Big Boss Man (11.05.1974 2:30pm - Los Angeles) - Hound Dog / Are You Sincere (19.08.1975 MS - Las Vegas) - Killing Me Softly (19.07.1975 2:30pm - Uniondale) - Shake A Hand (22.07.1975 8:30pm - Asheville) - Promised Land (20.07.1975 8:30pm - Norfolk) - Monologue About New Year’s Eve Show In Pontiac / Auld Lang Syne (One Line - 26.04.1976 8:30pm - Seattle) - Tiger Man (Slow Version - 11.08.1973 MS - Las Vegas) - Elvis Attacked On Stage (18.02.1973 MS - Las Vegas) - Pieces Of My Life (24.07.1975 8:30pm - Asheville)

Short Versions, One Liners And More:
I Need Your Lovin’ Every Day (14.08.1971 MS - Las Vegas) - Kentucky Rain (Instrumental - 20.02.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - San Antonio Rose (01.09.1970 DS - Las Vegas) - Carry Me Back To Old Virginia (13.02.1973 DS - Las Vegas) - The Eyes Of Texas (04.06.1975 8:30pm - Houston) - When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano (21.02.1970 DS - Las Vegas) - You Do Something To Me (01.04.1975 CS - Las Vegas) - My Wish Came True (20.02.1977 8:30pm - Charlotte) - Can’t Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp / Also Sprach Zarathustra / Closing Vamp / Announcements (13.05.1973 3:00am - Lake Tahoe)

Volume Three:
Folsum Prison Blues / I Walk The Line (14.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Alright, Okay, You Win (29.09.1974 2:30pm - Detroit) - Blueberry Hill (13.02.1977 8:30pm - West Palm Beach) - Suspicious Minds / The Blue Danube (An der schönen blauen Donau) (22.08.1974 MS - Las Vegas) - Are You Lonesome Tonight (19.08.1975 MS - Las Vegas) - C. C. Rider (05.02.1970 DS - Las Vegas) - Monologue / Stop The World And Let Me Off (21.08.1974 MS - Las Vegas) - I’m Leavin’ (21.08.1974 MS - Las Vegas) - Little Sister / Get Back (27.04.1973 8:00pm - Portland) - Tiger Man (20.08.1970 DS - Las Vegas) - Trouble (28.08.1973 MS - Las Vegas) - Green Green Grass Of Home (20.08.1975 DS - Las Vegas) - Oh Happy Day (14.08.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Softly, As I Leave You (15.12.1975 CS - Las Vegas) - Help Me Make It Through The Night (03.07.1973 8:30pm - Atlanta) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (26.07.1977 8:30pm - Indianapolis) - Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On / Blue Suede Shoes (27.08.1971 DS - Las Vegas) - Hound Dog (With Break - 26.04.1976 8:30pm - Seattle) - Auld Lang Syne (31.12.1976 9:30pm - Pittsburgh) - Bathroom Explanation / It’s Now Or Never (22.07.1975 8:30pm - Asheville) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (30.03.1975 DS - Las Vegas) - Softly, As I Leave You (Elvis Microphone Only - Spoken Version - Edited - 03.09.1973 CS - Las Vegas) - Sweet Caroline (30.03.1975 MS - Las Vegas)

Short Versions, One Liners And More:
24 That’s Amore (29.03.1975 DS Las Vegas) - Amazing Grace (14.08.1973 DS - Las Vegas) - Blueberry Hill (11.11.1970 8:30pm - Portland) - Turn Around, Look At Me (28.06.1974 8:30pm - Milwaukee) - Introduction Of Billy Swan / I Can Help (29.03.1975 MS - Las Vegas) - Introduction Of Paul Anka / My Way (04.09.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Monologue/ La Bamba (04.09.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Memphis Tennessee (20.08.1970 DS - Las Vegas) - ‘No Jailhouse Rock’ (17.02.1970 MS - Las Vegas) - Santa Claus Is Back In Town (18.11.1972 2:30pm - Honolulu) - Introduction Of Freddy Cannon / Higher And Higher / Introduction Of Jackie Wilson (20.08.1974 MS - Las Vegas) - Rip It Up (29.03.1975 MS - Las Vegas) - Detroit City (11.09.1970 8:30pm - Detroit) - Auld Lang Syne (31.12.1975 8:30pm - Pontiac)

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Various)