Wednesday, July 08, 2020

July 08 - Legends of Rock & Roll

James Hoag released the 93-page paperback 'Elvis Presley' in his 'Legends of Rock & Roll' series.

Elvis is a name that is as well known today as it was 36 years ago when he died. Why another book on Elvis? This book, like the other Legends of Rock & Roll books, is a labor of love for the author. Music has been a guiding factor in my life for the past 50 years and Elvis was a big part of that. I love sharing my feelings about the music and about the man. 

Elvis Presley was born dirt poor and through talent and shear will power, became a multi-millionaire and helped create a genre of music which still exists today. This book is about Elvis the man and Elvis the singer, but even more importantly, it's about the music. 

This series is my way of honoring the people that have brought so much joy to our lives over the years. Elvis defined the meaning of rock and roll for a generation.This is an unauthorized fan tribute.

(Source: Amazon)