Wednesday, July 15, 2020

July 15 - A Wholo Lotta Lovin' Going On

The Star import-label announced the release of the DVD ‘And I Love You So’ featuring an almost complete show from March 17, 1976. This DVD is limited to 500 copies. 

The label also announced a ‘Spliced Take’ release entitled ‘A Whole Lotta Power Going On’. This cooperation with the CMT import-label is a new double CD installment in their ‘Power’ series marking the 50th anniversary of the June / September recordings Elvis Presley did in Nashville. This comes housed in a deluxe double digi-pack.

From the press release:

After the good old days when we had lots of ‘TTWII’ and ‘On Tour’ outtakes we did not get anything new for a long time. This will change now! Star has managed to get their hands on some incredible unreleased quality video footage. 

Star delivers an almost complete show from 1976 with a running time of 56 minutes, including 17 complete performances. No skips and bumps so you can enjoy the man as you should! Other video releases containing amateur footage usually are out of synch, running too slow or too fast or suffer from bad editing. 

Most of the footage with matching audio has been taken from March 17, 1976 during his performance in Johnson City, backed up with additional footage from other shows from the same tour.

This ‘Opening Night’ show for 1976 shows Elvis in a very good mood and shape and with a lot of interaction with the audience. You are with them during this great show! Due to the fact that not everything has been filmed, clever edits are used to keep the show going without annoying breaks and even some extra songs were used to make it work even better. A good example of this has to be the March 22 version (St. Louis)  of ‘Let Me Be There’ which has some amazing close ups!

But there's more! We get the very first live version of ‘Hurt' a rocking ‘Polk Salad Annie’ and ‘Burning Love’ and a rare live version of the title track ‘And I Love You So’ where Elvis stops for a while since he isn’t happy with the bands performance.

Next to the complete songs we also get all the band solos, hear Larry Londin for the first time during an Elvis show, see James Burton making an encore by Elvis' request, enjoy the Joe Guercio Orchestra doing a fine ‘Hail Hail Rock and Roll’ . Yes it is all there and you can enjoy it soon!

As a bonus some rare tracks from the CBS tapes have been included.

Recorded Live On Stage 1976: Also Sprach Zarathustra / See See Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / You Gave Me A Mountain / Trying To Get To You / All Shook Up / Let Me Be There / Teddy Bear - Don’t Be Cruel / Until It’s Time For You To Go / Hurt / Polk Salad Annie / Introductions / And I Love You So / Hawaiian Wedding Song / Burning Love / Heartbreak Hotel / Can’t Help Falling In Love / Closing Riff

Special bonus tracks:
Recorded Live On Stage 1977: If You Love Me (Let Me Know) / It’s Now Or Never / Fairytale / Little Sister / Early Morning Rain / And I Love You So

A Whole Lotta Power Going On

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Elvis June / September recordings in Nashville, where other labels only re-re (re) release the same over and over CMT continues their ‘Power’ series with this third instalment, after last year's ‘Ghetto Power’ and the first release ‘Stax Power’ this release had to be done and might be the best one yet!

Again the editing on this album makes all songs blend in so you will get the feeling as if you are in the actual session, with lots of rare snippets and surprises. All tracks from the Nashville 1970 Sessions have been included in this 2 CD set, with clever spliced takes for a whole new experience.

Lots of works went into this and a lot of the tracks sound so different, you almost think it is all brand new! Because the producers wanted something really new, and wanted to start rocking from scratch they decided not to present the tracks in chronological order (like on the previous volumes).

Just listen to the incredible new spliced version of ‘Patch It Up’ (10!! Splices) extended versions of ‘There Goes My Everything’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and clever edits of undubbed tracks with final masters like ‘Little Cabin on the Hill’ and ‘Heart of Rome’. 

1970 has to be one of the best years for Elvis, you can hear it, you can see it. Although we do agree with the expression never to judge a book (CD or DVD) by its cover, this one sure has "A Whole Lotta Power Going On!"

CD 1: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On - Extended Master / I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water - Complete Master, Overdubbed / Cindy, Cindy - Spliced Take 2,1,3,3 / Got My Mojo Working/Keep Your Hands Off Of It - Unedited Overdubbed Master / A Hundred Years From Now - Spliced Take 2,1,2 / Faded Love - Country Version / The Fool - Take 1,2,1 / I Was Born About 10.000 Years Ago - Complete Unedited Take 1 / Little Cabin Home On The Hill - Spliced Take 1,2 / Stranger In The Crowd- Take 7,9 / Patch It Up - Spliced Take 2,2,2,3,4,7,1,1,1,9 / Faded Love - Complete Master - Country Version / It's Your Baby, You Rock It - Fs, Take 3 / Tomorrow Never Comes - Spliced Take 3,1,2  / It Ain't No Big Thing - Spliced Take 3,4,6,2 / Heart Of Rome - Fs, Spliced Take 2,3, Wp Take 1 / When I'm Over You - Spliced Master
Life - Fs, Spliced Take 17,1,2 / Only Believe - Spliced Take 1,3, Rehearsal.

CD 2: Twenty Days And Twenty Nights - Spliced Take 2,2,3,3 / I've Lost You - Take 6 (Edited) / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Take 1,2, Rehearsal / Mary In The Morning - Spliced Take 1,2,4 / Bridge Over Troubled Water - Spliced Take 1,5 / Make The World Go Away - Spliced Take 1,2 / The Next Step Is Love - False Start, Take 6 / How The Web Was Woven - Fs/Take 1 * / I Really Don't Want To Know - Take 1 (Undubbed) * / There Goes My Everything - Take 1 (Extended) / The Sound Of Your Cry - Spliced Take 2,3 (Edited) * / Just Pretend - Spliced Take 1,2 / Sylvia - Spliced Take 4,3,9 * / If I Were You - Spliced Take 1,3,5,2 / I'll Never Know - Spliced Take 1,3 / Love Letters - Spliced Take 3,1 / Rags To Riches - Spliced Rehearsal, Take 1 / Where Did They Go Lord? - Spliced Take 2,3 / This Is Our Dance - Spliced Take 6,8,8,11 * / Snowbird -  Alternate Master * / Funny How Time Slips Away - Unedited Master *.

Gotta have Rock And Roll Elvis Items

Gotta Have Rock and Roll announced the ‘Rock and Roll pop Culture and Sports’ auction which will run from June 22 to June 31st. It features several interesting Elvis Presley items from the Eddie Hammer Elvis Presley Collection. The headliner is Elvis Presley’s historic 1942 Martin D-18 guitar which he owned between 1954 and 1956, is often referred to as his “Sun Sessions” guitar. Another interesting item are are Elvis Presley's custom "TCB" prescription sunglasses that were made for him to wear on stage at his historic June 11, 1972 concerts at Madison Square Garden.

Elvis Presley’s most important guitar ever to come to auction, this is his historic 1942 Martin D-18 guitar, Serial Number 80221, which he owned between 1954 and 1956, is often referred to as his “Sun Sessions” guitar. Elvis used this actual guitar extensively while recording at the iconic Sun Studios in Memphis, TN and while performing on stage during this period.  He can be seen playing the guitar in many, many photographs from this time, two of which are featured here. Elvis purchased the guitar at O.K. Houck’s Piano Store in Memphis, trading in his Martin 000-18. He decorated the body of the guitar with adhesive metal letters spelling out his name, "ELVIS". The letters "ELVI" remain with the "S" missing. The extensive wear visible on the guitar due to Elvis’ hard strumming is testament to its considerable use by Elvis. During this period Elvis recorded some of his most classic songs, songs that catapulted him into his meteoric rise to fame, including “That’s All Right (Mama)”, “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, “Good Rockin’ Tonight” and many more.

(Source: Various / FECC / Gotta hace Rock and Roll Auctions)