Friday, July 31, 2020

July 31 - TTWII Previews

Here is a small preview for Erik Lorenzen’s ‘Elvis Festival’ volumes 4 and 5 and the 50th Anniversary book / CD set by David English and Pal Granlund on the Follow That Dream label. Both are due for release August 10, 2020. 

On the 'competition' Erik Lorenzen commented: "I know Pal Granlund and Ernst Jorgensen well. Pal has been a close friend since the early sixties, and I know he does what he does for the same reason as me, the passion he has for Elvis. Are we competitors? Yes! Are we friends? Yes! And I know how happy he is to be allowed to do what he loves most".

David English said "All the TTWII books and CDs have been manufactured. We will be visiting the Printers on Monday to check over the product before they are transported to the warehouse mid-week". This FTD release will be released as originally announced. 

Details Elvis That’s The Way It Is 50th Anniversary: Two books, 600 pages, 8 CDs containing exclusive photo’s and the complete rehearsal recordings. Many of which have never been previously officially released. This set comes housed in a slip-case too. 

Details Elvis Summer Festival: Two books, 800 pages containing more than exclusive 1,100 color and black and white photos you never have seen before in pristine quality. These two volumes come housed in a slipcase. These books are a collaboration between Erik Lorenzen and Jerry Luckenbach. 

For more previews and comments from Erik Lorenzen and fans on these two new releases visit >>> The Elvis Information Network website.

Bill Mack Died

Singer songwriter and DJ Bill Mack died. In his early days as a concert promoter he booked Elvis Presley for an appearance on August 22, 1955 in Wichita Falls, Texas with Scotty, Bill and this time DJ Fontana on drums, and for another show in Spudder Park. 

After the show on August 22, 1955 Elvis joined Bill Mack in a trip to the hospital to visit Bill’s newborn daughter. When they returned from the hospital, the battery in Elvis’ Cadillac was dead and he required a push from a local farmer to get back on the road. 


The 1937 Ford Roadster Hot Rod that Elvis Presley drove in the movie ‘Loving You’ was sold for US$475,000 at Mecum Auctions. The original Estimate was between US$750.000 and US$1,000.000 while the car was sold only last year for US$150,000.

This 1929-1932 Ford Roadster hot rod is believed to be the first time a Model A body was fused to a 1932 Ford frame, and it’s the car that iconic singer Elvis Presley co-starred with in the 1957 film ‘Loving You’. 

The car is as impressive as its history is: with 239 CI Mercury flathead V-8 engine in an exposed bay, the three-speed roadster comes in black with red interior. It has central-control steering, custom dashboard and a windshield custom-fabricated from a Chrysler rear windscreen.

It featured heavily in Presley’s film, so The King got to drive it around for some time. Legend has it that he was so enamored with it that he repeatedly offered to buy it from Athan, but he got turned down every time. 

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Newsbreak / Graceland Auctions / Mecum)