Saturday, February 06, 2021

First Reactions To Elvis Day By Day 2020

Earlier this week my second book 'Elvis Day By Day 2020' was released, here are some of the first reactions: 

I can really recommend it. A good reference book about what is happening in Elvis area and a detailed overview with reviews of what has been done in 2020. Highly recommended.

Kees Mouwen has done a fabulous job, creating a beautiful, stylish and colorful look to the book with even more impact than last year's edition. It features a pile of unique reviews - some very interesting vinyl reviews - as well as a fascinating comparison between the two TTWII deluxe releases from Erik Lorentzen and FTD. There is also a delightful foreword by Alanna Nash.

When I first heard about the book last year I thought “Why?” - but no longer. I love the concept and it makes sure you don’t miss anything. I really like it. The book make so much sense.

I just received the books and quickly browsed through it and my first reaction is: Wow, the books look beautiful, neat and visually attractive. What a wealth of information and what a lot of work you have put into this! Hereby the reservation for the 2021 edition :-) 

They say there's nothing like a good book, and this is nothing like a good book because it's way better than that !

Received my copy today and my head is spinning around and around, OUTSTANDING!

Kees Mouwen, you haven't said too much. The yearbook has become breathtakingly beautiful. Beautiful layout, beautiful photos and a lot to read, a must for the collector, on to the 2021 yearbook 👍 

These books are beautiful, the content is well laid out. I had a good time reviewing his last two years.

This is a must have for all Elvis fans. Love it!

I've been a fan since 1966 and Elvis has been with me ever since. I'm sure I'll like your book, the first one was beyond awesome.

I just ordered it, I can't wait to receive it, I loved last year's one a reference and high quality book. I hope this will be repeated over several years. 

For more details, previews or to buy the book, visit the >>> Elvis Day by Day 2020 page.

The book is available for European fans at the >>> Memphis Mansion online shop and and other fan clubs.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Brexit shipping from Europe is expensive. So for a for Elvis fans outside Europe and the EU, the book is available through your local Amazon shop. 

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