Wednesday, February 17, 2021

February 17 - Magazines

Elvis Presley graced the cover of the January / February 2021 edition of the Lithuanian Planetos Paslaptys magazine.

The American Globe Magazine dedicates a little aloha picture to Elvis as well as a - well - article with the title "What Really Killed Elvis!". 

The April 2021 edition of the U.K. Mojo Music Magazine featured an article by Peter Guralnick on The Colonel entitled 'The Man Who Made Elvis'. 

Synopsis: The sinister Svengali who stole, and sold, Elvis Presley’s soul? “Nothing could be further from the truth,” writes the King’s great biographer, Peter Guralnick.

In the January issue of the Slovakian TV magazine Navraty Hviezd featured Elvis on the cover and inside the article 'Tajny Zivot Hudobney Legendy' (The secret life of a music legend).

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Mojo Magazine)