Thursday, February 18, 2021

February 18 - Elvis UK3 Cover Art (Updated)

Here is the cover-art for the upcoming 1,400-page book 'Elvis UK3 The Ultimate Guide to Elvis Presley’s CD Releases 1983-2005' by authors John Townson and Gordon Minto. This book is a digital download - a flip book - only. 

You can order the digital download with a unique CD, entitled 'Beyond The Legend'. The CD includes songs which featured in the U.K. charts, but which were not included on Elvis’s first CD, 'The Legend'. The CD comes housed in a digi-pack, 
holding extensive liner notes. 

Synopsis: The 1400 page book (containing over a million words, plus 4,000 plus black and white and colour illustrations), provides the definitive guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases and details the development of the medium from the 3 CD set The Legend – the world’s first ever Elvis compact disc in 1983 – in meticulous and unprecedented detail. 

Every single, RCA, BMG, FTD and third party album (all 450 of them!) issued in the UK up to 2005 are written about individually in comprehensive detail, arranged in chronological order, carefully cross-referenced, charting and describing company and industry developments along the way. It has been painstakingly researched, and features many contributions by former RCA / BMG personnel who helped with key background information. 

The book also includes sections on various artist CDs containing Elvis material and company promos, including BMG in-house CDs etc. The huge song index is presented in forensic detail, indicating exactly where each master and outtake can be located and, in the case of live performances, when and where they were recorded.

Click here >>> for Free sample pages, plus ordering info.

(Source: Elvis Information Network)