June 14 - Elvis The Last King

The book 'Elvis The Last King' by Michele de Pippo has been released. The official presentation of this book, limited to 100 copies - is set for July 24th 2021. 

Description: The book cover the author's life in Elvis' world from 1965 to 2020, with photographs, testimonies and stories from over 50 years of passion and running his own Elvis fan club from 1982 to  1986.

The second part of the book there are some pages written by Nicla Crippa with photos dedicated to the story of their trip with Livio Monari to Las Vegas in August 1972 and their two meetings with Elvis. Another part of the book is written by Jean Marc Gargiulo who met Elvis in Las Vegas in 1969 and 1973. Finally, there are other stories by fans of the King.

Elvis Recorded Live at the Fontainebleau

The 'Elvis Recorded Live at the Fontainebleau' DVD has been released by the Danish Memphis Mansion. It contains the Frank Sinatra Timex Show with improved sound from the recently found acetate. The show was recorded March 26th 1960 and debuted on TV on May 12th 1960. 

The cover is double sided featuring two different designs.

Available at the >>> Memphis Mansion

(Source: Facebook / Anthony Stuchbury / Memphis Mansion)