Wednesday, June 16, 2021

June 16 - Elvis Stories from the Houston Astrodome

Announced on Facebook is a new box-set 'Elvis at the Astrodome', featuring all six of Elvis' 1970 Livestock shows at the Houston Atrodome in Texas. 

It looks like the same format as the 'Stage Power' box-sets from the Tupelo Productions record label. 

The Elvis Story

Just released is 'The Elvis Story Pts 1-4'. 

From the press release:
This amazing 13 hour documentary is based on 3 years of intense work by author Jerry Hopkins. Mr Hopkins book 'Elvis - A Biography' has been appointed as the ultimate book about Elvis's life. 

This radio special was broadcasted in over 250 major U.S. cities and the rest of the world and was first published as vinyl boxset containing 13 discs and one 10-cassette-tape box.Both releases are ultra rare today!

Now for the first time it's released on nothing less than 15 CDs spread over 4 boxes Here you get an absolutely amazing opportunity for an even deeper and intimate insight into Elvis Presley's life. 

The first box contains the first 4 chapters: 'The Early Years', 'The Sun Records', 'Presleymania' and 'Presleymania part II'. 

The host on this documentary is Wink Martindale. He was initially elected as he is a skilled "storyteller", but it turns out that Wink hosted WHBQ in Memphis when Elvis first recorded in 1954 and has interviewed Elvis on several occasions for both radio and television. Several interviews were included in this series, next to a lot of other rare ones.

The other 3 Volumes in this series will be Issued at 2 monthly intervals.

(Source: facebook / The Elvis Shop / Memphis Mansion)