June 28 - Mama's Little Prince in Trouble?

Mårten Melin published the Swedish children's book 'Mammas Lilla Prins' ('Mama's Little Prince'), a novel about Elvis' childhood.


Tupelo, Mississippi, 1945. Elvis is ten years old and loves to sing. His mother encourages and believes in him, but at the same time she wants to protect him from all evil. They have been very close since Elvis' twin brother died.

At school, Elvis is pretty lonely. He gets teased for being a mama's boy and for bursting into song as soon as he gets the chance. But there is a girl in the class who likes to hear him sing. Her name is Eloise. To her, Elvis dares to tell about his secret dream: that he one day will sing in front of thousands of people.

In Mamma's Little Prince, Mårten Melin shows evidence of a new side when he in a tenderly portrayed portrait brings to life the childhood idol Elvis Presley. The boy, who before the breakthrough, lived in poor conditions in a city marked by class divisions and segregation. This is a story about school, exclusion and your firs loves. And above all: the love of music.

Preview available on the >>> Elvis Today blog.

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Are You Looking For Trouble?

Erik Lorenzen stated that his upcoming 'On Tour' trilogy would contain "the complete and very extensive information of all shows and sessions", this would be "unique in this 1200 page edition". 

Now Ernst Jørgensen reacted and stated that his personal session notes are being used without permission:

"It has come to my attention that some of my personal recording notes are being used in Erik Lorentzen’s forthcoming Elvis On Tour book.

This is disappointing; as Erik has been notified that this information is private and confidential, and prior to publication permission is required, which has not been granted.

Pål, David and myself are working on an 'Elvis On Tour' FTD release for 2022, this information will be included with this release."

This troubles fans to, having to decide which 'On Tour' set to buy. The KJ Consulting book-trilogy, due July 2021, of the Follow That Dream book / CD set which is due 2022.

(Source: Thomas Melin - Elvis Today Blog / Elvis Information Network / David English on FECC)