June 26 - Elvis Racism Video

The Elvis News Report posted an interesting video on Quincy Jones' recent "Elvis was a racist" claim, setting the record straight for our man.

Years Ago

Today June 26, 2021, marks the day that, 112 years ago, Andreas (Dries) van Kuijk a.k.a. The Colonel, was born in Breda (The netherlands). He grew up in Breda and emigrated to America as a 19-year-old. 

There Dries changed his name to Colonel Thomas A. Parker and became world famous as manager of Elvis Presley. He never returned to Breda and died in Las Vegas in 1997 at the age of 87.

Today also marks the date of the first night Elvis slept at his Graceland mansion, his last concert performance in Indianapolis, 44 years ago and finally, this date in 1979 marked the day that Elvis' father, Vernon, passed away. 

(Source: Elvis News Report / ElvisMatters / Facebook / UEPS)