Sunday, November 21, 2021

November 21 - Colonel Parker - Hero or Heel?

With Baz Luhrmann's new Elvis film in mind, Todd Slaughter announced the release of a book about Colonel Parker. The book, titled ‘Colonel Parker - Hero or Heel?’, has “Godverdomme" (Dutch for "God damn") as the subtitle and should be out April 2022. 

As fan-club president Todd Slaughter corresponded with the Colonel, met him  several times in Las Vegas and Indianapolis and had many visit with Colonel and his wife Loanne at their home in Las Vegas. 

In the book Slaughter delves deeper into the stories Parker told him, his childhood and life in the Netherlands, his travels to England and on to the United States where he eventually became Elvis Presley's manager.

Like A Black Tornado

Here is the cover-art for the new Memphis Recording Service CD set titled '
Like A Black Tornado - Live At Boston Garden 1971', due January 28, 2022.

This concert was previously released on bootleg as 'The Power of Shazaam' on the Captain Marvell JR. label (1997), 'One Night Only' by the Madison label (2006) and officially as as 'As Recorded At Boston Garden '71' by the FTD label (2010). 

(Source: UEPS / Memphis Recording Service / Todd Slaughter)