Thursday, November 25, 2021

November 25 - The Planes and the King and More

Erik Lorentzen's Elvis Files team published the details for their December 2021 re-issue of Carlos Varrenti's ‘Los Aviones Y El Rey’ book titled ‘The Airplanes and The King’.

From the press releaseCarlos Varrenti teamed up with Robert van Beek of the Elvis Files team to investigate a never-before-documented side of Elvis and his passion for airplanes. This fascinating story runs like a thread through the King’s life and career. 


“As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have always wanted to write a book on planes and the King. Ever since my first visit to Graceland in 2001, I have been intrigued by Elvis' history with his aircrafts and his link to aeronautics in general. Looking at those impressive flying machines, exhibited at Graceland as a testimony of the greatness of the Artist of the Century, led me to believe that there was more behind this story. And there was! 


After several years of collecting every little detail, every short paragraph, every video, every photograph and everything else related to Elvis and his planes, I was able to write the story of my two great passions: Elvis Presley and Aeronautics”.


This book is intended both for fans of the King, who want to learn more about this unknown facet of Elvis, as for aviation fans who are interested in Elvis’ link with the exciting world of aeronautics.”


The original 198-page Spanish reference book ‘Los Aviones Y El Rey’ was translated into English and expanded to 400 pages with hundreds of pages containing information and pictures about Elvis and his planes. 


This new edition contains all the technical details on the planes that Elvis has used and owned from 1956 to 1977 and “illustrated” with fascinating stories from Elvis' musicians, friends and family, and relevant photos from Erik Lorentzen’s collection. This topic has never been covered before, and that makes this book unique in its approach and content. The foreword was written by Elvis expert and author Carlos R. Ares. 


This is the version Carlos Varrenti originally envisioned when he wrote ‘Los Aviones Y El Rey’. Take a seat, buckle up for an unforgettable flight!

You can now pre-order your copy at >>> The Elvis Files website, which offers worldwide shipping via ‘airmail’. The first 100 copies come with a personally signed "thank you” card from Carlos Varrenti.

The Elvis Files team website also mentions the December 2021 release of the 400-page hardcover book 'And Then There Was Elvis; a superfan's adventures in the Elvis world' A memoir by Elaine Christan with Virginia Coons and the Summer 2022 release of "an absolute stunning 2-book project for fifties fans, a long awaited sequel to ...". 

More info on >>> Carlos Varentti's website.

Below a preview of the book:

Mono To Stereo

The U.K. based Memphis Recording Service released 'Mono to Stereo - The Complete RCA Studio Masters 1956' featuring both the original mono and newly created stereo version of those studio masters on two CDs. 
The stereo versions were created using DES (Digitally Extracted Stereo) creating new authentic stereo mixes from original mono recordings.
(Source: Carlos Varentti / The Elvis Files / Memphis Recording Service)