Monday, November 29, 2021

November 29 - Not Sold Out Yet

The Pyramid import label isn't sold out yet, the label announced the December release of volume 11 in their 'Sold Out!' series.

Synopsis: Relive the magic of The King in concert with this incredible 3 hour collection of rare and unreleased private footage, now available for the first time. Lovingly restored from HQ transfers… And bound to become a true collectors item.

From the press releaseThe spring of ’75 was a good period for Elvis. He was performing with renewed energy and vigor, and his joy for performing made these shows very memorable. His voice was strong and robust, the setlists were great, and his interactions with the fans were a delight. He was truly back again, and Sold Out volume 11 takes you back to those dynamite shows. This is some of the most fun & enjoyable 8mm performance footage we have of Elvis on stage in the 70s. Girlfriend Mindi Miller was there with him on that tour, and exclusively for Pyramid, she wrote a detailed account about the day-to-day life on the road with Elvis, with many fresh details. 

As always, we’ve also included plenty of unreleased film from other significant tours. There’s the raw sexuality of the November ’71 tour, the professionalism of the spring ’73 tours (lovely close-ups of EP in his Red Flower suit), the power and energy of the June ’74 shows, and at the other end of the spectrum, a man in trouble during the October ’74 tour. 

We’ve also included plenty of private footage of Elvis arriving at hotels, venues, etc. What you are getting on this release is the REAL Elvis Presley. Whether it is the rough energy of “I Got A Woman” from the November ’71 tour, or the majesty of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, with Elvis at the piano in July ’75, singing as if his life depends on it. And there’s plenty of rare moments too, such as him improvising “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”. You can see him rocking in his Peacock suit during a sensational “Polk Salad Annie”, and there’s equally spectacular footage of Elvis in his Eagle and Indian Feather suits. And again, there’s plenty of heartwarming and delightful moments, such as Elvis teasing J.D. Sumner during “Why Me Lord”, or the band surprising Elvis with an impromptu “Jingle Bells”. 

We all know that 8mm footage is not perfect, but it’s what we have from these shows, and let’s just be grateful that someone had the foresight to film these precious moments. Carefully restored and beautifully presented, “Sold Out volume 11” is a must for the true collector. Don’t miss out on these wonderful Elvis moments – almost three hours of them. Each release is quickly becoming a collectors’ item, with some of them already fetching high prices on E-bay and elsewhere. A copy of volume 5 was recently offered on E-bay for €399. While we don’t condone of such high prices, it once again underlines the collectability of these fantastic releases. Order your copy today from your favorite dealer, and have it in your home before Christmas!

Elvis Unlimited

Volume 3 of the Elvis Unlimited magazine features articles on Bill Black's upcoming biography by Paul Belard, Sandi Miller and more. 

The magazine also contains a flex-disk featuring the complete version of 'The Truth About Me', including the part missing on recent Sony / FTD releases. More details in the magazine.

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