Sunday, June 19, 2022

June 19 - Une Folie Américaine

Due for release on September 08, 2022 from the French GM Editions is the 216-page book 'Elvis Presley - Une Folie Américaine' ('An American Madness') by Bertrand Dicale. More information when available. 

Description: A Southern Pentecostal, molded by a religion of paroxysm and restraint, of rigor and letting go. Modeled also by the complexes of this community of defeated Southerners who, even in post-war prosperity, they feel that they do not belong to the "good" America, which makes them feel it.

Under the influence of Colonel Parker, his legendary manager, Elvis Presley is not a typical product of American culture: he is rather a deviance, a neurosis, an exception. From its failed beginnings, through its sudden take-off in the 1950s, to the 168 concerts in one year, the story is told to us by Bertrand Dicale.

Talking Elvis

Alanna Nash and Anthony Stuchbury were guests in Vince Wright' 'Talking Elvis' podcast, and talked about the Colonel, the new 'Elvis' movie, Baz Luhrmann, Alanna's travels through writing about music, her new book and more (Elvis). A great listen.

(Source: Amazon / Talking Elvis)