Thursday, June 23, 2022

June 23 - The Airplanes and the Printer and the Cinema

The Elvis Files team finally announced that after 6 months of delays due to paper-shortage, Carlos Varrenti's book, in collaboration with Robert van Beek, 'The Airplanes & The King' was sent to the printers today. The bindery will also be ready in a maximum of two weeks from today. 

They stated: "Our apologies for the long wait, but in the end you will be amazed by the quality of The Airplanes & The King book work and that may ease the suffering a little. The Elvis Files team wish you a lot of reading pleasure."

The English version is expanded to an amazing 400 pages with ja lot of unreleased material from Elvis Files' vaults and printed as a high quality hardback book.

Read the interview with the authors on the >>> Elvis Information Network website. 

Opening Night

Thanks to Baz Luhrmann's 'Elvis' movie, Elvis returned to the big screen around the world, 45 years after his untimely death. 

(Source: The Elvis Files / Elvis Information Network)