Sunday, May 07, 2023

May 07 - IFTA Awards

Actor Austin Butler has won the award for 'Best International Actor' at the 2023 Irish Film and Television Awards. 

The awards were handed out to the winners at Dublin’s Royal Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland. 

The IFTA Film & Drama Awards are awards given by the Irish Film & Television Academy for Irish television and film, the awards began in 1999. The ceremonies recognize Irish creative talent working in film, drama, and television, and winners receive a cast bronze statuette. 

Rethinking Release Dates

The academic book, 'Rethinking Elvis', edited by Dr. Mark Duffett, originally announced for release last year, has been rescheduled by Oxford University Press for publication on November 1, 2023.

Mark Duffett is the author of 'Counting Down Elvis: His 100 Finest Songs' and 'Elvis: Roots, Image, Comeback, Phenomenon'. 

(Source: Facebook / IFTA / Elvis Information Network)