Saturday, May 13, 2023

May 13 - Really Blue Hawaii

Due for release from the Memphis Mansion recordlabel on 180 Gr. blue colored vinyl is a remastered re-issue of the 'Blue Hawaii'. The album is limited to 300 copies. 

The audio for the 15 tracks was reworked by Anthony Stuchbury. He stated: this mix, never heard before, has been created using the same skills developed to realize the ‘Mono II Stereo’ releases. Isolation of particular instruments enabled new stereo placements to be made to create this brand new mix.

The original RCA movie soundtrack included versions (takes) of some songs that were not the ones used in the actual movie, those versions have now been used to better illustrate the original movie soundtrack experience, along with a couple of surprises that will only be revealed when listening to the album.

A note for the collectors: When first released by RCA the backing vocals were placed to the left as opposed to them being in their correct position on the right, that was a confirmed mistake and is now corrected.

Tracks: Blue Hawaii / Almost Always True / Aloha Oe / No More / Can’t Help Falling In Love (Movie Version) / Rock A Hula Baby / Moonlight Swim / Ku-u-i-Po (Movie Version) / Ito Eats / Slicin’ Sand / Hawaiian Sunset / Stepping Out Of Line / Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version) / Island Of Love / Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Single Re-Issues

The French LMLR / V.P.I. record label released colored vinyl re-issues of the 7-inch singles ‘Any Way You Want Me’ (South Africa) and ‘Kid Galahad’ (Peru). All singles are limited to a one-time-run of 200 copies.

‘Any Way You Want Me’ will be available on off white, silver, red and black colored vinyl. ‘Kid Galahad’ comes on clear, red, off-white, gold and blue colored vinyl.

(Source: Anthony Stuchbury / Sounds)