Saturday, May 20, 2023

Review Elvis Summer Festival 1972 2-LP Set

Less than a month ago we got the 4-CD-set ‘Las Vegas Summer Festival 1972’ and now we have the 2-LP-set, featuring two concerts from the previous outing on old fashioned vinyl. 
For me the design by Kev Reape for the LP, with just Elvis’ head works better than the design with the Vegas marquee from the CD edition. It looks very stylish. Inside the gatefold sleeve we get a compilation of pictures. Looking at the photo, you may perhaps expect a compilation of tearjerkers, but you’re getting something else. 
The picture on the back of Elvis, spreading his cape while kneeled on on knee, would have made a great alternative cover! 
The black vinyl I played felt solid and is flat as it is supposed to be with a neatly designed label, matching the frontcover. As usual, the album is also available on clear vinyl.
The LP contains the two Midnight Shows from August 11th and 12, 1972, both drawn from the ‘1972 Summer Festival’, Elvis’ seventh engagement in Las Vegas.

In 1972 Elvis delivered solid - or should I say professional - performances that rocked, we have the proof from the ‘Elvis On Tour’ movie and Madison Square Garden performances. 
For more details on the content, read the review of the >>> CD edition of ‘Las Vegas Summer Festival 1972’.  

I played these concerts loud, and compared to the CD version, the audio holds up very good. The audio is not without faults - listen to ‘An American Trilogy’ over-stretching the limits of the original tape - as it is based using soundboard recorded reference tapes and not based on professional recordings as for the beforementioned titles. 
Compared to the mono versions of these show as released by the official Follow That Dream collectors label and various bootleg labels, the MRS engineer created a more open and entertaining listening experience with this newly created stereo version. Where die hard Elvis fans are accustomed to the dry mono soundboard sound, new fans and casual buyers picking up a new Elvis release in 2023, expect a stereo presentation with some punch, and that is what this LP gives them. 
The concert releases from the U.K. based Memphis Recording Service offer enjoyable shows for a good price, with revamped stereo audio that - within the limitations of the original recordings - meets today’s standard. As an Elvis fan I love seeing new releases like this on the shelves of the record store, Elvis Is Back!

The LP (and CD) is available from the >>> Memphis Recording Service, and Amazon.