Monday, September 11, 2023

September 11 - Shaped Vinyl

The French Culture Factory record label (V.P.I. / L.M.L.R. record label) announced the November 24, 2023 release of the two Limited Edition Shaped picture discs 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Blue Hawaii' containing alternate versions of well known film hits. 

Description 'Jailhouse Rock': 66 years ago the classic movie 'Jailhouse Rock', directed by Richard Thorpe, was released. The movie premiered on October 17, 1957 in Memphis and opened nationwide on November 8, 1957.

The film's soundtrack, written by the duo Mike Stoller and Jerry Leiber, has become iconic thanks to the famous prison scene, considered "Elvis Presley's greatest moment on screen".

Description 'Blue Hawaii'
62 years ago the famous film 'Blue Hawaii',directed by Norman Taurog, was released.

The film's soundtrack includes memorable songs like 'Can't Help Falling in Love' and 'Blue Hawaii', which helped popularize Hawaiian music around the world. This catchy, sunny soundtrack perfectly captures the tropical atmosphere of the film and remains a timeless favorite among Elvis fans and lovers of 60s music.

To celebrate these cinematographic and recording monuments, we present two Exclusive Limited Edition Shaped Picture Discs of the soundtrack albums. 

Tracks 'Jailhouse Rock' Side A: Jailhouse Rock (Take 5) - Young And Beautiful (Take 19) - I Want to Be Free (Take 9).

Side B: Don't Leave Me Now (Second Version, Take 18) - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care (Take 1) - Treat Me Nice (First Movie Version, Take 19).

Tracks 'Blue Hawaii' Side A: Blue Hawaii (Movie Version) - Almost Always True (Take 4 & 5) - Aloha Oe (Master "The Surfers" & Take 6) - No More (Take 1) - Can't Help Falling in Love (Movie Version) - Rock A Hula Baby (Take 2 & 3) - Moonlight Swim (Take 1 & 2).

Side B: Ku-U-I-Po (Take 1) - Ito Eats (Take 4 & 5) - Slicin' Sand (Take 13 & 14) - Hawaiian Sunset (Take 2) - Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version, Take 3) - Island Of Love (Take 9) - Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 1).

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / FNAC)