Tuesday, April 02, 2024

April 02 - Preview Elvis, Hero of the Comic Books

Nigel Patterson's book 'Elvis, Hero of the Comic Books' is inching closer to publication. 
The nearly 400-pages book features text and imagery for more than 250 comic books, graphic novels, graphic biographies, caricatures, comic strips and comic book ephemera, which are directly about Elvis or feature him in a subsidiary or cameo role. 

It is the first comprehensive account highlighting the impressive volume and eclectic nature of Elvis' presence and impact through the comic book medium. 

Shown as illustrations are a selection of sample pages. Click on images for full size preview.

Synopsis: 'Elvis, Hero of the Comic Books' features hundreds of images, the breadth of graphic art is a mix of the impressive, a case of WTF?, and art that some will find confronting. In addition, the book features various sidebars, which present a more detailed account of a particular title or issue.

The narrative themes found in the releases presented in this book are multifarious, ranging from straight biographies, Elvis as crime fighter, Elvis the super-hero realm, to anthropomorphic Elvis, Elvis parodies/ satire, and Elvis as demon, vampire, and zombie (this is a particularly popular theme). There is even a fairy godmother and a Lady Helvis!

As a body of work, the comic books, graphic novels and biographies represent a powerful symbol of the incredible impact Elvis continues to have on society and culture.

Note: I'm proud to say I did the design for the book. 

(Source: Elvis Information Network)