Tuesday, April 02, 2024

It's Elvis Time Review of Elvis Day By Day 2023

Volume 306 of the Dutch It's Elvis Time magazine features a nice review by Eric van Rooij of the 2023 edition of 'Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review'. 

The reviewer stated: "The book provides a valuable overview of the enormous mountain of material that is published every year about Elvis. It is a wonderful journey to go through the book. I proudly see CDs and LPs that I managed to acquire myself. And sometimes I'm terribly disappointed when I come across an issue that I missed."

Here you see where this yearbook helps you to select the richt additions for you to enjoy, or add to year collection. The additional 80+ in-depth reviews give you the background information you need.

Thanks for the kind words Eric! For more information on the fanclub, please visit >>> www.ItsElvisTime.nl. For more information on the 2023 yearbook, please visit >>> www.PoplarTunes.com