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March 05 - Movie Masters, Stax, Home Recordings and Granddaughters

The Acode import record label announced the release of the double CD ‘The Memphis Record - 1973: Year In Review’ featuring 37 previously officially unreleased Stax and Home Recordings from 1973. 


Publicity stated: In the style of the 1987 album ‘The Memphis Record - 1969: Year In Review’, the Acode record label presents this perfect addition to the official releases. All tracks come in the best possible sound quality, and for the first time, these songs are brought together on one great double album! This release is limited to 500 copies. 
CD 1 - Stax Studio, Memphis, Tennessee: I Got A Feeling In My Body (Rehearsal) - If You Talk In Your Sleep (Unedited Master) - Your Love’s Been A Long Time Coming (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - If You Don’t Come Back (Take 4) - Promised Land (Harmony Vocal Overdub) - It’s Midnight (Rehearsal) - There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (False Start + Take 2) - There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Take 3) - I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby (Take 1) - It’s Midnight (Take 19 - Undubbed Master) - Talk About The Good Times (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - My Boy (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - Promised Land (Take 1) - Loving Arms (Overdubbed Master) - Thinking About You (Rehearsal) - Thinking About You (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - Love Song Of The Year (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (Unedited undubbed Master) - Three Corn Patches (Unfaded Take 2) - Girl Of Mine (Undubbed Master)

CD 2 - Stax Studio, Memphis, Tennessee: Love Song Of The Year (Undubbed Master) - There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Undubbed Master) - Help Me (#1 - Undubbed Master) - I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby (Undubbed Master) - You Asked Me To (Undubbed Master) - It’s Midnight (Undubbed Master) - Promised Land (Echo Version - Undubbed Master) - Help Me (#2 - Undubbed Master)

November 03 / 04 1973 - Sam Thompson’s House, 1317 Favell Drive, Memphis, Tennessee: Baby What You Want Me To Do - I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise - Spanish Eyes - See See Rider - That’s All Right (Mama) - When You Love An Alpha Delta - We Are Alpha Delta Pi - Ode To A Robin (Poem)

Rags To Riches

The Millbranch Music import record label released the double LP 'Rags To Riches'

Publicity statedMillbranch Music is excited to introduce the (limited to 300 copies) vinyl edition of our acclaimed album “Rags To Riches”, a continuation of the success from last year's CD release. This special edition honors Elvis Presley's legendary June and September 1970 Nashville sessions, where he collaborated with a distinguished group of musicians to produce some of the most heartfelt and enduring music of his career. 

During the June 1970 sessions, Elvis worked with legendary guitarist James Burton, whose electric guitar licks enhanced tracks such as "Patch It Up" and "I've Lost You", as well as the talented Norbert Putnam, whose bass lines provided the foundation for "The Next Step is Love". The September sessions saw Elvis collaborating with the same high caliber musicians, including the gifted pianist David Briggs, whose contributions helped to define the sound of songs like "I Really Don't Want To Know" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water". 

This vinyl release includes special printed inner sleeves with liner-notes titled “Designed to Be Beautiful”, exploring the reasons why these sessions capture some of Elvis' most beautiful and mature work, a creative peak in his career. Also, the black vinyl edition includes a bonus CD, and a bonus photo from the "That's The Way It Is" motion picture, providing a visual complement to the music. 

Our goal with this vinyl edition is to present the music as it was intended, highlighting the distinct qualities of the mono mixes, the special mastering done for this vinyl edition cements that sentiment. This release is a celebration of Elvis’ legacy, the talented musicians who worked with him, and the timeless music they created together. Now available at your favorite dealer, this edition invites fans and newcomers alike to experience Elvis Presley's music in a format that pays homage to the artist's significant contributions to music, underscored by the exceptional talent of the session musicians from those pivotal Nashville sessions.

Tracklist LP 1 - side A: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On (Master Recording) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Without Harmony Vocal Overdub) - I Really Don't Want To Know (Original Single Version) - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Original Single Version) - There Goes My Everything (Original Single Version) - Mary In The Morning (Master Recording).

Side B: Stranger In The Crowd - I've Lost You - Patch It Up (Original Single Version) - How The Web Was Woven (Undubbed Master, Acetate Source) - Sylvia (Take 9, Alternate Master) - The Next Step Is Love (Master Recording).

LP 2 - side C: Rags To Riches (Master Recording) - Only Believe - The Fool - Where Did They Go, Lord - Twenty Days and Twenty Nights.

Side D: I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On (Mix With Horns) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Take 1) - Got My Mojo Working / Hands Off Of It.

The LP is available from Bennies Fifties on >>> Black vinyl + bonus CD and on >>> Clear vinyl.

Elvis Presley The Complete Movie Masters Vinyl

Due in May from the UK based Memphis Recording Service is the previously announced 4-LP edition of their upcoming 'Elvis Presley The Complete Movie Masters 1960-62 - Plus Session Out-takes' set. 

Publicity stated
: This Limited Edition 4-LP Deluxe Gatefold set is housed in a hardback digi-folder. The set will be available on black and on clear vinyl. 

The set pays tribute to Elvis Presley's complete master soundtrack recordings made for his movies between 1960-62. It includes a bonus LP containing rare outtake tracks from these recording sessions. All tracks have been mixed and remastered.
LP 1 - Side A: G.I. Blues: Tonight Is So Right For Love - What's She Really Like - Frankfort Special - Wooden Heart - G. I. Blues - Pocketful Of Rainbows - Shoppin' Around - Big Boots - Didja Ever.

Side B: Blue Suede Shoes - Doin' The Best I Can - Tonight's All Right For Love (Take 1).
Flaming Star:cFlaming Star - A Cane And A High Starched Collar - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears - Britches (Take 6 - Late False Start) - Flaming Star (End Title Version, Take 4).
Wild In The Country: Wild In The Country - Lonely Man - I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell - In My Way.

LP 2 - Side C - Blue Hawaii: Blue Hawaii - Almost Always True - Aloha Oe - No More - Can't Help Falling In Love - Rock-A-Hula Baby - Moonlight Swim - Ku U-I-Po - Ito Eats - Slicin' Sand.

Side D: Steppin' Out Of Line - Hawaiian Sunset - Beach Boy Blues - Island Of Love - Hawaiian Wedding Song.
Follow That Dream: Follow That Dream - Angel - What A Wonderful Life - I'm Not The Marrying Kind - Sound Advice.

LP 3 - Side E - Kid Galahad: King Of The Whole Wide - This Is Living - Riding The Rainbow - Home Is Where The Heart Is (Unedited Master) - I Got Lucky - A Whistling Tune.
Girls! Girls! Girls!: Girls! Girls! Girls! - I Don't Wanna Be Tied - Where Do You Come From? - I Don't Want To.

Side F: We'll Be Together - A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You - Earth Boy - Return To Sender - Because Of Love - Thanks To The Rolling Sea - Song Of The Shrimp - The Walls Have - We're Coming In Loaded - Girls! Girls! Girls! (End Title With Dainty Little Moonbeams).

LP 4 - Side G: Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 4) - What's She Really Like (Take 11) - Frankfort Special (Remake, Take 8) - Pocketful Of Rainbows (Version 1, Take 7) - Big Boots (Fast Version, Take 5) - Shoppin' Around (Take 14) - Black Star (Take 5) - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Movie Master Version) - Black Star (End Title Version, Take 5) - I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Take 6) - Lonely Man (Take 9).

LP 4 - Side H: No More (Take 9) - Can't Help Falling In Love (Take 23, Movie Master) - Slicin' Sand (Take 10) - Beach Boy Blues (Take 3, Movie Master) - King Of The Whole Wide World (Take 11 - Edit) - This Is Living (Take 8) - Riding The Rainbow (Take 8) - Home Is Where The Heart Is (Take 20, Unedited Master) - I Got Lucky (Remake, Take 1 – Late False Start) - A Whistling Tune (Take 8) - King Of The Whole Wide World (Take 29).

Riley Keough's main focus may be on acting, but her grandfather Elvis Presley's powerhouse pipes run through her blood.

Sasquatch Sunset 

On Friday, a single from the soundtrack of Keough's latest film Sasquatch Sunset dropped — and it features vocals from the Golden Globe-nominated star, 34. Titled "The Creatures of Nature," the song was composed by the Austin, Texas-based indie group The Octopus Project, who wrote the score for the movie, and is the sole song on the soundtrack to feature the actress.

As Sasquatch Sunset follows the joyous and somber moments of a year in the life of a family of Bigfoot-like creatures in the wilderness, "The Creatures of Nature" is a beguiling folk song about the mysterious spirits and their relationship with the environment.

(Source: Pascal Matteo / Millbranch / Elvis Shop London / People)