April 10 - Bootleg Re-issues on CD and Vinyl

The new Golden Globe Records import label released the 2-LP ‘Elvis On Tour’ featuring Elvis’ April 9th 1972 performance as recorded in Hampton Roads, Virginia

From the press release

Golden Globe Records presents their first deluxe 2LP set containing the wonderful Hampton Roads show. 

In total 4 shows were recorded for the Golden Globe winning motion picture “Elvis On Tour”.  The Hampton Roads show is the first show that was recorded for the award winning documentary and is also the first one issued in this Elvis On Tour Series. This is the very first proper high quality outing of this show on vinyl.  

Presented in a beautiful deluxe gate-fold cover containing 2 high quality 180 Gr.  colored red or blue vinyl albums. A CD version is also added to this package.

Side A: 01  Also Sprach Zarathustra (Richard Strauss) 02  See See Rider (Traditional) 03  Until It’s Time For You To Go (Buffy Saint-Marie) 04  Polk Salad Annie (Tony Joe White) 05  Love Me (Leiber/Stoller) 06  All Shook Up (Otis Blackwell/E. Presley) 07  Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel (Kal Mann/Bernie Lowe) / (Otis Blackwell) 08  Are You Lonesome Tonight (Roy Turk / Lou Handman).

Side B: 01  I Can’t Stop Loving You (Don Gibson) 02  Hound Dog (Leiber/Stoller) 03  Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon) 04  Suspicious Minds (Mark James) 05  For The Good Times (Kris Kristofferson) 06  Introductions by Elvis.

Side C: 01  An American Trilogy (Mickey Newbury) 02  Love Me Tender (Vera Matson/E. Presley) 03  A Big Hunk O’Love (Aaron Schroeder/Sid Wyche) 04  How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine) 05  Sweet, Sweet Spirit (Doris Akers) Performed by J.D. Sumner & the Stamps Quartet 06  Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price) 07  Can’t Help Falling In Love (Peretti/Creatore/Weiss) 08  Closing Vamp 09  Elvis Has Left The Building.

Side D - The Stereo Mixes: 01  I Got A Woman / Amen (Ray Charles) / (Traditional)  02  You Gave Me A Mountain (Marty Robbins) 03  All Shook Up (Otis Blackwell/E. Presley) 04  Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel (Kal Mann/Bernie Lowe) / (Otis Blackwell) 05  Are You Lonesome Tonight (Roy Turk / Lou Handman) 06  I Can’t Stop Loving You (Don Gibson) 07  How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine) 08  An American Trilogy (Mickey Newbury).

Tracks CD: 01  Also Sprach Zarathustra 02  See See Rider 03  Until It’s Time For You To Go 04  Polk Salad Annie  05  Love Me 06  All Shook Up 07  Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel  08  Are You Lonesome Tonight  09  I Can’t Stop Loving You 10  Hound Dog 11  Bridge Over Troubled Water 12  Suspicious Minds 13  For The Good Times 14  Introductions by Elvis 15  An American Trilogy 16  Love Me Tender  17  A Big Hunk O’Love  18  How Great Thou Art 19  Sweet, Sweet Spirit : Performed by J.D. Sumner & the Stamps Quartet 20  Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 21  Can’t Help Falling In Love 22  Closing Vamp 23  Elvis Has Left The Building.

The Stereo Mixes: 24  I Got A Woman / Amen  25  You Gave Me A Mountain 26  All Shook Up 27  Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel 28  Are You Lonesome Tonight  29  I Can’t Stop Loving You  30  How Great Thou Art 31  An American Trilogy.

The Classic Bootleg Collection

Also released was volume 3 in ‘The Classic Bootleg Collection’. featuring the classic bootleg albums ‘That’s The Way It Is’, ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’, ‘Special Delivery’, ‘Kickin’ Back!’, ‘Rough Cut Diamonds Volume 2’ and ‘Play It Hot’.

From the press release

A sublime 6 CD box set with 6 classic Elvis Presley bootleg albums. Again, there is chosen for some  60's and 70's instead of focusing on one time period. This way all will be served! 

There is a big chance your favorite Elvis bootleg album is presented in this boxset. These were the albums in the late 1970's and 1980's that fans were longing for, cause it presented much better (and rarer!) material than Elvis' own record company released in those days. 

This stunning box contains miniature albums of the original releases and includes all the original album tracks, digitally remastered and they now sound better than ever before! Still, many of these tracks are unreleased by Elvis' official record company.

Just like on volumes 1 and 2 there are some true gems (or rough cut diamonds) to be found on this set! For example the ‘Rough Cut Diamonds’ LP contained some unique mixes very different to the later released versions. 

And the ‘Kickin’ Back!’ LP contained a spliced version of the promised land rehearsal, which resulted in an “alternate” ending. The 1974 rehearsal recordings made their debut on this 1988 LP and the complete rehearsal would not be heard until 7 years later.  Of course the LP also featured the infamous monologue recorded in September 1974 where Elvis speaks out against the press and the maternity lawsuit against him. The show where this speech was taken from would not be heard for almost 9 years later. 

The ‘Special Delivery’ LP has always been a controversial album, containing the 2 duet versions of ‘Love Me Tender’ with Linda Ronstadt. Plus another song ‘In My Dreams’ which actually is not sung by Elvis at all. On the other side (literally) it also contained the marvelous unrepaired take 4 of ‘Rags To Riches’. 

The album also contained songs like ‘When The Snow Is On The Roses’ and ‘Portrait Of My Love’ not often heard in 1979! 

The ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him Album’ is probably the sloppiest edited album of all time, but it did contain some welcome tracks never heard before by most fans (and still partly unissued elsewhere till today). 

The Amiga LP ‘That’s The  Way It Is’ and the ‘Play It Hot Album’ do not need any introduction as these are probably some of the first bootleg LP’s in most Elvis collections. 

All of these albums are true classics and listening to these will bring up some beautiful memories.

Tracks That’s The Way It Is:

01. Medley: Mystery Train/Tiger Man 02. The Next Step Is Love  03. Cryin’ Time 04. Medley: Little Sister/What’d I Say/Stranger In The Crowd/How The Web Was Woven  05. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me  06. Mary In The Morning  07. Polk Salad Annie  08. That’s All Right  09. I’ve Lost You  10. Patch It Up  11. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling 12. Sweet Caroline 13. I Just Can’t Help Believing 14. Bridge Over Troubled Water 15. Medley: Heartbreak Hotel/One Night/Blue Suede Shoes/All Shook Up  16. Suspicious Minds 17. Can’t Help Falling In Love all tracks : 1970 that’s The Way It Is movie versions.

Tracks To Know Him is To Lie Him: 

 01. Trouble – August 6, 1973 02. Raised On Rock – August 6, 1973 03. Steamroller Blues – August 1973 (?) 04. Sweet Inspiration – August 20 1970 MS 05. Help Me Make It Through The Night -August 1973 (?) 06. More / Suspicious Minds – August 20 1970 MS 07. Release Me – August 1973 (?) 08. I, John – August 1971 09. Folsom Prison Blues / I Walk The Line – August 14 1970 MS  10. Until It’s Time For You To Go – August 1973 (?) 11. Fever – August 1973 (?) 12. I’m Leavin – August 1971 (?)  13. Memphis Tennessee – 2 live Versions 1970 / 1973 14. Elvis Introduces Bobby Darin – live 1973 (?)  15. Can’t Help Falling In Love – live 1974.

Tracks Special Delivery: 

01. Love Me Tender – Duet With Linda Ronstadt 02. Love Me Tender – Duet With Linda Ronstadt – Radio Dj Sample 03. In My Dreams – P.J. Proby 04. Spring Fever – Movie Version 05. Portrait Of My Love – August 3 1972 06. Hawaiian Wedding Song – May 9 1976 07. King Creole – Alternate Master 08. Faded Love – Unique Mix 2.51 Min. Version 09. Wild In The Country – Maracas Overdub 10. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Take 14 & 15 11. When The Snow Is On The Roses – August 24 1970 DS 12. In The Studio 1968 Trouble Trouble – 1012 Trouble – 1015 Guitar Man – 1001 Guitar Man – 1002 Guitar Man – 1003 Little Egypt 13. Tomorrow Never Comes – Undubbed Master 14. Separate Ways – Movie Version On Tour 15. The Next Step Is Love – Movie Version That’s The Way It Is 16. That’s All Right – Movie Version That’s The Way It Is 17. Words – Movie Version That’s The Way It Is  18. Rags Ro Riches – Unrepepaired Take 4 19. The Sound Of Your Cry – Undubbed Master – Edited Unique Mix 20. Party – Movie Version.

Tracks Kickin’ Back!: Hilton Showroom Dress-Rehearsal August 16, 1974 01. Promised Land (motherfucker Version) – August 16 1974 02. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) – August 16 1974 03. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) # 2 – August 16 1974 04. Promised Land # 2 – August 16 1974 05. Fever – Sept. 1974  06. Aubrey –  Sherrill Nielsen: Lead Vocal Assistance By Elvis  – Sept. 2 1974 Closing Show 07. Monologue: Elvis Talks About Maternity Suit Filed Against Him – Sept. 2 1974 Closing Show 08. Monologue: Elvis Speaks Out On Drugs! – Sept. 2 1974 Closing Show 09. Hawaiian Wedding Song / Dialogue  – Sept. 2 1974 Closing Show 10. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Sept. 2 1974 Closing Show.

Tracks Rough Cut Diamonds Vol. 2 (all unique mixes):

01. If I Were You – Undubbed Master 02. Help Me Make It Through The Night – Undubbed Master 03. Until It’s Time For You To Go – Undubbed Master 04. It’s Only Love – Edited Undubbed Master 05. We Can Make The Morning – Master Unique Mix  06. Heart Of Rome – Undubbed Master 07. It’s Your Baby, You Rock It – Undubbed Master 08. Mary In The Morning – Undubbed Master 09. Rags To Riches – Undubbed Master 10. The Sound Of Your Cry – Edited Undubbed Master 11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Duet With Temple Riser 12. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – Undubbed Master.

Tracks Play It Hot: 

01. Maybelline – August 20 1955 02. That’s All Right – August 20 1955 03. Baby Let’s Play House – August 20 1955 04. Tweedle Dee – April 30 1955  05. Hound Dog  – December 15 1956 06. Million Dollar Radio Spot Just A Little Talk With Jesus Don’t Forbid Me You Belong To My Heart 07. Old Shep – Take 5 08. I Got A Woman 09. Blue Moon / Young Love / Happy Day 10. When It Rains It Really Pours 11. Blue Christmas 12. Are You Lonesome Tonight 13. That’s When Your Heartaches Begin 14. Baby What’s Wrong / Peter Gunn Theme 15. Love Me 16. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 17. Blue Christmas / Santa Claus Is Back In Town track 08 – 17 June 24 1968 Rehearsal.

’68 Comeback Special - TeeVee Treasures

And finally, the ’’68 Comeback Special - TeeVee Treasures’ 3-LP / 5-CD deluxe box-set was re-issued once more on green and red vinyl. This re-issue is limited to 100 copies.