April 12 - Rock and Roll, Píldoras Y Chicas

Sergio Gaspar Mosqueda published his 172-page Spanish biography ‘Elvis Presley: Rock and Roll, Píldoras Y Chicas’ (‘Rock, Pills and Girls’), volume 5 in his ‘Colección Rock’ series. 


In 1954, the young Elvis Presley set foot in a recording studio for the first time: Sun Records, to make a record that he wanted to give to his mother. Producer Sam Phillips was eager to make rock and roll accepted by white audiences, and so he wanted to find an Anglo-Saxon singer with powerful vocal chords to perform pieces written by black musicians. When he listened to Elvis, he knew his search was over. 

Various renowned sources, including the work of Peter Guralnick, was consulted in the research for the meticulously written biography.

(Source: Amazon)