April 18 - New Danish Magazine and LP

Just released is the first edition of the renewed and revamped Elvis Unlimited magazine. Next to the books and vinyl, another new product from the Danish Memphis Mansion in these difficult times.

Inside various articles by notable writers on Elvis, his music and movies ('That's the Way it Is'), his friends (Tom Jones) and musicians and fans (EP Continentals fan Club) and collecting Elvis (discovery of the Sinatra Show acetates and RCA's Orange label releases) and more. 60 pages in total, with a fresh modern design with some authentic details. It kept me engrossed through the weekend.  

The magazine comes with an old-school flexi-disc containing an interesting version of 'King Creole' combining the classic soundtrack version with some elements from the movie version. 

Inside also the news that the 'The Danish Singles Collection' LP series will see a fourth volume which will complete the series.

The magazine comes out four times per year, for details, visit the >>> Memphis Mansion page. 

Happy Birthday

Glenn D Hardin, Elvis' former piano-player turned 82. Happy Birthday!

(Source: Memphis Mansion / Elvis Unlimited)