April 26 - King Creole Extended Play

The Danish Memphis Mansion announced the release of the 6-track Extended Play 'King Creole' volume 3. This EP comes on orange colored vinyl and is limited to 300 copies.

Side A: King Creole / Trouble / Lover Doll.

Side B: Young Dreams / Dixieland Rock / As Long As I Have You.

These tracks come in stereo and the audio is enhanced and remastered.

Gord Atkinson Died

Canadian radio DJ Gord Atkinson died. He was 94. 

In 1957 het introduced Elvis Presley during his evening performance on April 3rd 1957 in Ottawa, Canada and he interviewed him between his shows. He also presented Elvis a scroll from his popular radio-show 'Campus Corner' because Elvis had topped the show's popularity poll for the past year and a half. 

From the interview:

Gord Atkinson: No doubt about that now. Elvis, you've certainly even topped the popularity Frank Sinatra had in his heyday. This may seem like a foolish question for a Presley fan to ask - it seems like an obvious answer - but have you, yourself, given any thought to what it is about you that has made you the phenomenal show business personality that you are?

Elvis: I sure have, onlv I don't like to figure it out because I'm afraid if I find out what it is, I might lose it. So I just keep guessing myself.

Gord Atkinson: What about your singing style? Would you say that you are an outgrowth of country music, or the pop field? Or a combination of both?

Elvis: I guess I kind of like 'ern both - more rock and roll than anything else. Rock and roll is actually, you see, what put me over.

Al Schmitt Died

American recording engineer and record producer Albert (Al) Schmitt died. He was 91.

He engineered Elvis Presley’s recording sessions at RCA for his first post-army film 'G.I. Blues', in 1960.

(Source: Memphis Mansion / FECC / Coast Reporter)