Friday, October 15, 2021

October 15 - New Releases

The Waxtime in Color label re-issued 'Elvis' Christmas Album' on 180 Gr. white colored vinyl. 

The Glamourama label re-issued 'Elvis Is Back' on a 180 Gr. vinyl LP and includes 'It’s Now or Never' and 'A Mess of Blues' on a yellow colored 7-inch vinyl single.

Doncha Think It's Time For Spliced Takes?

The CMT import label announced the release of two new alternate and spliced takes compilations' 'Elvis 27 - Essential Sixties Splices Volume 3' and 'Doncha' Think It's Time - A new 1958 Album'. Both titles are limited to 500 copies.

Publicity stated: The series continues and focusses on 1962. Elvis was 27 when he recorded all these great tracks.

We created amazing new versions for your listening pleasure. One of the highlights is 'Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello; which has been created using different keys throughout the whole track, it sounds like a brand new song! The classic 'Return To Sender' sounds very different and has a new opening.

Another gem is the version of 'Because of Love' and although there are no outtakes of this song it does sound different than the master, listen to the first words and judge for yourself. Most songs have been extended using different takes which mean just like previous volumes you get more of the songs without using the same portions.

Tracks: She’s Not You (Spliced Take 1, Work Part 2, 1) - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Alternate Master) - Return To Sender (Alternate Master) - Where Do You Come From?(Spliced Take 3, 13, 3) - One Broken Heart For Sale (Spliced Take 2, 3, 1) - They Remind Me Too Much Of You (Spliced Take 6, 1, 4, 4) - Suspicion (Spliced Take 3, 2, 1) - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Spliced Take 2, 2, 2, 5, 2, 5, 5) - Easy Question (Alternate Master) - I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever (Spliced Take 4, 3, 1, 3) - You’ll Be Gone (Spliced Take Fals Start, 2, 4) - Fountain Of Love (Spliced Take 6, 6, 6) - Just For Old Time Sake (Spliced Take 3, 4, 1) - Something Blue (Spliced Take 5, 6, 4, 6) - Night Rider (Spliced Take 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 5) - Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls Girls! - I Don’t Want To Be Tied (Alternate Master) - Mama (Spliced Take 2, 8) - Because Of Love (Alternate Master) - A World of Our Own (Extended Master) - I’m Falling in Love Tonight (Spliced Take 6, 5).

The brand new "1958" album 'Doncha' Think It's Time' includes amazing new spliced takes and remastered masters. On the FTD re-issue of the 'King Creole' featured new mixes of the studio masters by Thorne Nogar that featured studio snippets, like small talk and count-ins for the takes. Here we presented these masters without those extra snippets. 

Also included are some new and unreleased spliced takes of other songs from 1958 as well as some essential home recordings, also edited for your listening pleasure.

The highlight of this album must be both the "reversed" single and album masters of the title track 'Doncha Think It's Time' using four takes and some elements that were not released at the time, so you get two completely new versions of this great song.

Also not to be missed is the newly created version of 'Ain't That Loving You Baby' which starts of with the slow version and ends with the rockin' version.

Tracks: Doncha Think It’s Time (Reversed Single Master) - Hard Headed Woman (Live Mono Mixes) - Trouble (Live Mono Mixes) - New Orleans (Live Mono Mixes) - Crawfish (Live Mono Mixes) - Dixieland Rock (Live Mono Mixes) - Lover Doll - Don’t Ask Me Why (Live Mono Mixes) - As Long As I Have You (Live Mono Mixes) - Steadfast, Loyal And True - King Creole (Live Mono Mixes) - Young Dreams (Live Mono Mixes) - Danny (Master) - Your Cheatin’ Heart (Take 9) - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Undubbed Master) - A Big Hunk O’ Love (Spliced Take 1, 3, 3) - Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Spliced Take  2, 4, 1, 10, 10, 11, 8, 11, 8) - A Fool Such As I (Spliced Take  3, 8) - I Got Stung (Spliced Take 3, 1, 8) - Doncha Think It’s Time (Reversed Album Master) - Her Hand in Mine (Spliced Home Recording) - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Home Recording) - I Can’t Help It (Spliced Home Recording - I’m Beginning To Forget You (Home Recording) - Apron Strings (Home Recording) - He Knows Just What I Need (Spliced Home Recording).

Re-issue EPs

The re-issues of the original Italian EPs 'Presley Special' and 'I Need You So' have been released. Both come in 5 different vinyl colors. 

(Source: Amazon / FECC)