Monday, October 25, 2021

October 25 - Vinyl Sold Out Down Under (Updated)

The Pyramid import label shared the cover-art for volume 10 in their 'Sold Out' 8mm fan-shot footage from the seventies DVD series. 

The double DVD set has late November 2021 as the release-date. No additional information available yet. 

Publicity stated: 'Sold Out volume 10' is something special. Ever since the inception of Pyramid, we’ve been inundated with requests to release a volume focusing on the final year. We all know that the last year was difficult for Elvis. And for those of us who love the man and his music, it’s still hard to see footage from some of those shows. But there were also those nights where he could pull it together and blow everybody away with the power and might of his voice: performances like 'How Great Thou Art', 'Fairytale' and 'Hurt' are a testament to that fact. 

'Sold Out volume 10' has plenty of those moments. And some truly great close-ups of the man giving his all on stage. One of the advantages of footage from the final year is that it’s often more complete, and indeed one of the shows on this release even clocks in at over 54 minutes. And there are various cool concert rarities including 'Funny How Time Slips Away' as the third song in the show, a solid 'Until It’s Time For You To Go', a neat 'Steamroller Blues', a back-to-the-basics 'That’s All Right Mama', and more.

There’s also plenty of light moments where he is in a playful mood, teasing Charlie and J.D., hiding behind Jerry, etc. And after years of hearing him make the ‘creeping crud’ joke, you can now finally seeS it. We’ve once again included several fascinating behind-the-scenes films, of Elvis in his penguin outfit, the band and singers arriving at a venue, fans waiting in line, shots of the Lisa Marie at night, etc. 

This is a release you can’t afford to miss. The liner notes were written by original backing vocalist Carol (Sonja) Montgomery, who provides a fresh perspective on the 'Nashville ’71' session where Elvis walked out. 

Packaged in a gorgeous digipack with various pix of The King in his Sundial suit, this gem of a release hits all the right spots! Order it today!

From Graceland to Australia

The Victorian government announced a major new biographical exhibition exploring the life and times of Elvis Presley, scheduled to open at Bendigo Art Gallery on March 19, 2022.

Curated in collaboration with the Graceland trustees, including Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, the blockbuster exhibition will display more than 300 pieces of memorabilia, including Presley’s 1960 red MG sports car, his 1976 custom Harley Davidson, and two costumes he wore in the ‘68 Comeback Special.

The director of Bendigo Art Gallery, Jessica Bridgfoot, said the gallery had been granted unprecedented access to the Graceland archives to present a comprehensive exhibition of the defining musical artists of the 20th century.

In addition to exploring the high profile and enduring legacy of his celebrity, the exhibition will delve into the lesser-known aspects of Presley’s early years, interests and personal life, as well as his radical sense of style.

Curator Lauren Ellis has spent the better part of two years immersing herself in the life of of one of the most influential public figures of popular culture, examining not just the impact of his music and films, but also his contribution to art and design.

“I began to realise how heavily appropriated and remixed Elvis is in fashion and style, and the heavy emotional fan base he still has. His story sort of has this Shakespearean quality to it.”

Presley also signifies major generational changes of the 20th century, from the emergence of post-war baby boomers (he became one of the first figures to attract global celebrity in a mass media market), to his time in Hollywood, to the excesses of 1970s Las Vegas.

“He achieved it all through his own invention, and really without a roadmap,” Ellis says. “He did really break this completely bizarre new ground.”

Alongside the signature Presley costumes, the exhibition will include many personal family items from his early years living in the “shotgun shack” in Tupelo, Mississippi, as well as documentation of his breakout at Sun Studios, his US Army service, his time in Hollywood, and his Las Vegas years.

Items in the exhibition are as varied as a crayon box the young Elvis took to school, the hymnal book he took to church with his family, his first job application, the tuxedo he wore at his marriage to Priscilla, and the tiara she wore as his young bride.

A $500,000 grant from the Victorian government has secured the exhibition, which Bridgfoot assures is not just for die-hard Elvis fans, but for anyone who is fascinated by the nature of American popular culture and the myths surrounding celebrity.

Finally On Vinyl

The vinyl edition of the Memphis Recording Service releases 'Las Vegas International presents: Elvis in Person - September 1970' and 'Las Vegas International presents: Elvis The Final Rehearsals 1970' have been released on black and on clear vinyl. 

Elvis' Las Vegas Record Set To Be Broken

Barry Manilow, now aged 78, is set to break a long running Las Vegas record set by Elvis Presley.

Manilow is returning to Vegas October 14th with a bunch of shows, then more in 2022 and 2023. All the shows are at the legendary Westgate Las Vegas Resort, formerly known as the International / Vegas Hilton Hotel.

Elvis performed 837 consecutive shows at the International Theater over seven years, his last show was in December of 1976. No performer since then has played more shows. Barry should hit that mark in 2023.

Note: Barry Manilow first played Las Vegas in January 1988, so that's 35 years to achieve what Elvis did in just seven years!

(Source: Facebook: Welcome to the World of Elvis / The Guardian / UEPS / Elvis Information Network)