Tuesday, January 03, 2023

January 03 - Britney Spears x Elvis Presley

Warner Bros along with Elvis Presley’s estate Graceland is pulling out all the stops in celebration of the King of Rock n’ Roll’s birthday on January 8th..

As part of the celebrations RCA Records will release the never-before-released full-length mash-up track from the 'ELVIS' movie: Britney Spears x Elvis Presley “Toxic Las Vegas: Jamieson Shaw Remix” on January 6th.

Paul Lichter Died

Elvis collector, author and dealer Paul Lichter has passed away. His family posted on Facebook:

Hello Elvis Family. Over the past 6 months Paul has been battling with Stage 4 cancer and with a sad heart I wanted to let you all know that he lost that battle on New Years Eve and has passed on. 

Thank you for sharing your passion for Elvis with him here on Facebook. He enjoyed hearing from and connecting with you all here. Long live the King and long live Paul and as he always signed his posts on here -PL 

Tristan and Betty Lichter.

Lichter wrote more than 30 books like 'Elvis In Hollywood', 'The Boy Who Dared To Rock', 'All My Best', 'Elvis Memories', 'Elvis Rebel Heart', 'E.P. In Concert' and 'Elvis In Vegas'. 

He was a dealer of (original) Elvis material through his Elvis Unique Record Club.

Särkyneen Sydämen Liiter

Published through Lector Kustannus Oy is the 192-page Finish hardcover book 'Särkyneen Sydämen Liiter - Kuvitteellisia Kertomuksia Elviksestäi' ('Lyter of a broken heart - Imaginary stories about Elvis'). The book is a compilation of short stories by authors: Harri István Mäki, Skessa Kaukamaa, Leena Myller, Maria Kuutti, Kari Valto, Juha Mäntylä, Päivi Alasalmi, Tarja Sipiläinen, Carita Forsgren, Tapani Bagge, Seppo Tammilehto, Ville Lindgren

Description: On August 16, 1977, the world was shocked when news broke that the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, had died. He was just 42 years old. For fans, however, Elvis lives on through his music and movies. 

'The Literary of a Broken Heart - Imaginary Stories About Elvis' is a collection of short stories by twelve authors who admire Elvis, in which Elvis lives in dreams, in real life and as a character on the streets. In the background of each story, a song recorded by Elvis plays either in the center of the events, in a dream or in memories.  

(Source: Deadline / Facebook)