Wednesday, August 04, 2021

August 04 - Felton Jarvis 40th Anniversary

The new Felton Records import label announced the release of the CD 'Felton Jarvis 40th Anniversary'. 

A double CD release feating tracks by Felton Jarvis himself and records he helped create. Almost half of the tracks are by Elvis Presley, the set also features some interviews and comes with a 12-page booklet.

CD 1: Elvis Introduces Felton - Don´t Knock Elvis (Felton Jarvis) - Felton Jarvis Interview 1977 - Little Wheel (Felton Jarvis) - Dimples (Felton Jarvis) - Too Much Twistin´ (Mac Davis) - Swingin´ Cat (Felton Jarvis) - Hones John (Felton Jarvis) - One More Time (Kidney Disease Awareness Feat. Felton Jarvis) - Goin´ Down Town (Felton Jarvis) - Indian Love Call (Felton Jarvis) - Such A Night (Vince Everett) - Sheila (Tommy Row) - Be-I-Bye (Felton Jarvis & the Fel-Tones) - Ski King (Felton Jarvis & The Fel-Tones) - Too Many Tigers (Felton Jarvis) - Knickle Knockle (Felton Jarvis) - Cortelia Clark Interview - Baby, What Have I Done (Cortelia Clark) - How Great Thou Art (Elvis Presley) - If Everyday Was Like Christmas (Elvis Presley) - Felton´s Elvis Motorccle Story - Suppose (Elvis Presley) - Mexican Horns (Don Bowman) - Big Boss Man (Elvis Presley) - U. S. Male (Elvis Presley) - Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley) - Felton Jarvis Talks About His Career (Part 1)

CD 2: You Don´t Have To Say You Love Me (Elvis Presley) - Whole Lotta Shakin´ Going On (Elvis Presley) - Early Morning Rain (Elvis Presley) - It´s Still Here (Elvis Presley) - Polk Salad Annie (James Burton) - My Way (Elvis Presley) - Burning Love (Elvis Presley) - Felton Jarvis Talks About His Career (Part 2) - I´ve Got A Thing About You Baby (Elvis Presley) - Talk About the Good Times (Elvis Presley) - Felton Jarvis Impertonating Elvis - T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Elvis Presley)- She Thinks I Still Care (Elvis Presley) - Pledging My Love (Elvis Presley) - CMA Awards 1978 - Guitar Man / What´d I Say (Elvis Presley).

(Source: Sabine Vindalhl from Memphis Mansion).