Saturday, August 14, 2021

Review Las Vegas International Presents Elvis September 1970 - Sampler (Short Review)

Something you don't see very often anymore, a sampler CD preceding the release of a new album. But the U.K. based MRS label released a 5-track CD to promote the upcoming CD, vinyl and cassette release 'Las Vegas International Presents Elvis September 1970'. 


The promo CD comes as single CD in a cardboard cover with a striking design. Elvis looked great in 1970, even working up a sweat on stage. The typography and colors give the modern design a fitting retro touch. 


The good news behind this release is that MRS managed to get their hands on a previously unreleased soundboard from late 1970. That’s quite an achievement and really something different from all the 1975-plus releases we get from many other labels. This is the kind of material fans have been lingering for quite some time. 

The CD contains five tracks including a raw and rockin’ ‘That’s All Right’, a strong ‘Wonder of You’ and entertaining versions of the oldies ‘One Night’ and ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ with some ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On’ added to the latter song. 

Nearing the end of the engagement the commitment is gone a bit and Elvis is in a hilarious mood, having fun in between the songs. Elvis in a good mood, joking a lot. Sometimes almost a bit mean towards the band members (calling Charlie Hodge a midget and fooling with James Burton who supposedly fell into the pool trying to impress a girl), a bit dirty (“45, sounds impressive girls”) and even with the audience when he mocks the “Fat funky little Angels" which decorate the showroom. “They must eat good up there, just like you between shows”.

The audio is good, the newly created stereo mix is a bit heavy due to some serious compression, and perhaps the remastering, cleaning and creation of a stereo mix added to this too. You hear the stereo, especially on the opening of ‘That’s All Right’. Elvis‘ voice is nice up-front, you hear the band, but due to the compression the orchestra is gone a bit. 

You can also hear the producers tried clean the sound. Especially when Elvis talks you hear some hiss (a choice by the producers finding a balance between keeping as much of the original audio versus a smooth sound, cutting off the high frequencies of the recording) but when he is silent, you hear nothing. Playing the songs this isn’t an issue. 

Listen to the CD


Great to have a previous unreleased late 1970 soundboard coming our way. Elvis sounds strong and upbeat and very loose, but it doesn’t damage the entertainment value of this preview. Some may complain about the “artificial” stereo or tempering with the original mono sound too much, but they forget they are also getting a rockin’ unreleased 1970 soundboard! 

I enjoyed these entertaining tracks and look forward to the complete show as Elvis really rocks and has fun. The teaser worked!