Thursday, August 19, 2021

August 19 - Elvis Day by Day 2018 Released

The book 'Elvis Day by Day 2018 - The Year In Review' has been released. It is the third volume in the 'Elvis Day Bay Day' yearbook series. 

The first copy was presented to my daughter Lieske - my youngest fan - at the Danish Memphis Mansion. 

The book was compiled and written by Kees Mouwen with additional contributions by Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley from the Elvis Information Network, Rogier van Luyken from the Dutch It's Elvis Time magazine, Andreas Pendl from there German Elvis Presley Gesellschaft Ev. and other fans from around the world. Thanks guys!

The book is available on-line from Amazon and selected fan clubs. If you want an autographed copy, contact Kees Mouwen at >>> elvis @ xs4all.nlFor wholesale inquiries, please use this address too.

The book comes in two editions, just like the 2019 and 2020 editions, a paperback version and a hardback. The latter is a bit more expensive as it is made 'print-on-demand'. 

The softcover is available on-line at: 

>>> Paperback edition from >>>

Other local Amazon outlets that feature the book: 

>>> Paperback edition from >>>
>>> Paperback edition from >>>
>>> Paperback edition from >>>
>>> Paperback edition from >>>
>>> Paperback edition from >>>
>>> Paperback edition from >>>

Signed softcover editions are available from the author at >>> elvis @

The hardcover is available on-line at >>> on-line webshop.

Signed hardcover editions are available from the author at >>> elvis @

Preview Elvis Day By Day

Click on the cover for the preview-pages on 'Elvis Day By Dat 2018.

The first reactions on the book:

I bought this book without any hesitation. I already have the first two books which are for me absolute reference. I will have hours of fun guaranteed with the third. 

I saw a preview of your book on your site ... it is in the same style as the first two books. It's excellent to keep the same style, it already has its place reserved in my library just next to the first two volumes. So don't change anything in the structure of your next book. 

It is already a pride to show these books to my friends and in a few years with your other future books it will make a very nice display ... I would like the producer to give us a volume on the year 2017, it's one of the biggest years of the 40th anniversary of Elvis's death ... that would be really great. I advise you to all those books which are very precious to me. They are of a very high quality worthy of the king of rock n roll, with superb photos. 

Thank you to the producer and his team, I wish them long life and keep up the excellent work. I am already looking forward to a fourth volume and more more more ... the sky is a no limit. - Martin St-Pierre.


Leaving the Building Released

The 352-page hardback book 'Leaving the Building: The Lucrative Afterlife of Music Estates' by Dr. Eamonn Forde is due for release from Omnibus Press on August 19, 2021.

Synopsis: When a musician dies, it is rarely the end of their story. While death can propel megastars to even further success, artists overlooked in their lifetime might also find a new type of fame. But a badly timed move or the wrong deal can see the artist die all over again. Colonel Tom Parker, the former carnival huckster, understood this high-wire act implicitly and the posthumous career of Elvis Presley has provided a template for everyone else.

Estates have two jobs: keeping the artist’s name alive and ensuring they continue to make money. These can sometimes be compatible goals, but often they spark a tension that is unique in the music business.

Drawing on interviews with those running music estates as well as music lawyers, record company executives and archivists, Leaving the Building reveals how the music industry is constantly striving to perfect the business of death.