Thursday, August 26, 2021

August 26 - Elvis - The King of the Army

Released in Germany is a 3-DVD set containing the 13 episodes of the 1990 ABC TV series 'Elvis - The King of Rock and Roll' with Michael St. Gerard as Elvis. As a bonus the third disc features the complete Dorsey Shows.

Elvis: The Army Years Uncovered

Trina Young, author of the books 'Elvis: Behind The Legend: Startling Truths About The King of Rock and Roll's Life, Loves, Films and Music' and 'Elvis and the Beatles: Love and Rivalry Between the Two Biggest Acts of the 20th Century' announced the release of her third book on Elvis titled 'Elvis: The Army Years Uncovered: Behind the Scenes of the Two Years That Changed The King of Rock and Roll's Life'. The book is due August 31, 2021.

Synopsis: Has the full story of Elvis Presley’s military service ever been told? Elvis Presley served in the U.S. Army for two years and while most biographical accounts seem to quickly skim through the “army years,” author Trina Young argues that this period was perhaps the most significant and life-changing time in The King of Rock and Roll's life.

Captivating untold stories have been coming out over the years involving the highs and lows Presley experienced as a soldier away from the public eye. The truth is many aspects of Presley’s time in the army were never reported or never made it into the history books. Now, looking back with the benefit of hindsight and years of research, more stories and insights to Presley's life and times as a soldier are constantly emerging.

Finally, we are able to go behind the scenes in the life of the most famous U.S. army soldier of all time in ELVIS: The Army Years Uncovered. Come take a journey into the life of Private Presley, who rose to the rank of Sergeant, with the stories of many women, nightclubs, strippers, death rumors, secret concerts and fan encounters to name a few.

This biographical account offers a behind-the-scenes look into the two years that Presley served in the military with stories ranging from the most raucous to the most warm-hearted.

Learn fascinating facts about the two years that changed Elvis Presley's life including the answers to these questions:
  • Who were the German girls that Elvis dated?
  • Where were the secret concerts that Elvis gave in Germany?
  • What happened between Elvis and a famous German actress?
  • What incited multiple death rumors while Elvis was in Germany?
  • Who was Elvis dating when he met Priscilla?
  • Did Elvis have more than one close call with death in Germany?
  • What future world leader would visit Elvis in Bad Nauheim?
  • How much danger was Elvis in during his military service?
  • Where did Elvis spend the one-year anniversary of his mother’s death?
  • Who was rumored to have kidnapped Elvis in Germany?
  • How did Presley's Memphis girlfriend cope with their two-year separation?
  • Who did Elvis meet at the nightclubs in Paris and Munich?
  • What lifelong hobby did Elvis start in Germany?
  • What special treatment did Elvis get while he served in the army?
  • Who spilled the beans that Elvis and Priscilla were dating? 
The book also includes an 8-page photo section and an Elvis Army Timeline. 

Auction Results

Rockhurst's 'Rock & Roll, Entertainment, Sports and Americana' auction featured a lot of Elvis Presley items, including the usual Gold Record Awards, autographs, memorabilia, clothing and more. But this auction also included a 1954 14 inch hand--painted, cardboard ceiling hanger to promote the release of Elvis' "SUN #209" sold for US$63,250. The estimate was US$3,000 - US$5,000.

It was offered as the very first advertisement for an Elvis Presley record.
Lot 11 1954 Elvis Presley Ceiling Hanger Advertisement from Poplar Tunes Memphis Record Store for his first Sun Record 'That's All Right / Blue Moon of Kentucky'/ An incredible price for a hand painted cardboard prop!

Other sales included:
  • Elvis Presley Owned Neostyle Nautic "TCB" Sunglasses - Gifted to Friend Kathie "Kitten" Spehar in His Suite at The Las Vegas Hilton sold for US37,375 (Estimate US$50,000 - US$75,000)
  • Elvis Presley Owned and Played 1970 Hagstrom Viking V-1 Electric Guitar Purchased for Concert Use - Given to Charlie Hodge sold for US$31,625 (Est: US$50,000 - US$75,000)
  • Elvis Presley Owned 22-Diamond and Gold Ring Gifted to J.D. Sumner - Former Mike Moon Collection - with LOA from Graceland Authenticated sold for US$20,700 (Est US$20,000 - US$25,000)
  • Rare Complete Set of Five Elvis Presley’s Sun 78 RPM 10-Inch Records – with LOA from Graceland Authenticated The records present in GD+ condition overall, with moderate to heavy scuffing and many scratches. Sold for US$3,450 (Est: US$3,000 - US$5,000)
  • Elvis Presley's Kenpo Karate 7th Degree Black Belt Gold Metal ID Card - Dated August 16, 1974 - Gifted to J.D. Sumner, Former Mike Moon Collection. Sold for US$4,313 (Est: US$3,000 - US$5,000)
Interestingly the TCB necklace Minimum Bid: US$5,000 was not sold.

Description Advertisement:

Lot #11: 1954 Elvis Presley Ceiling Hanger Advertisement from “Poplar Tunes” Memphis Record Store for His FIRST Sun Record “That's All Right/Blue Moon of Kentucky”

Offered is the very first advertisement for an Elvis Presley record. Ever. The handpainted, cardboard ceiling hanger promoted the 1954 release of "SUN #209", exclaiming "It's Here". Attesting to its early creation is the fact that "Blue Moon of KY." is listed before "That's All Right" it was the more well-known of the the two songs, and who knew during those first few heady weeks what was going to be the regional hit! This is an incredibly historically significant artifact--an object that defines the two sides of history as we now know it: those eons before Elvis, and everything to do with popular music and the broader American culture since. It emanates from that magical period when the storybook events were still unfolding, when the record gets made and heard on the radio within days. When the phones light up so fast it has to be played over and over, and the record has to be pressed with a few days more, and Elvis is on stage even sooner. It is from those moments from when Elvis was just becoming ELVIS.

Popular Tunes, founded just after World War II in 1946 by Joe Cuoghi and John Novarese, was a record store in Memphis where Elvis shopped and hung out. It is rumored that when he released a new song, Elvis would hide around the corner to watch people go in and buy his new record. This very advertising hanger would have been hanging from the ceiling on one of those first such nervous visits to Poplar Tunes.

The sign originally came from the personal collection of Rosalind Cranor, author of the authoritative Elvis Memorabilia hobby guide, and it comes with a letter from Brian Beirne on “Mr. Rock n’ Roll presents Legendary Entertainment” stationery, which states:

My name is Brian Beirne. I was a radio personality for over 40 years and have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. My entire life I have been a major collector of records, posters, and Hollywood memorabilia with the main focus on Elvis items. About 30 years ago I purchased a number of items from Rosalind Cranor (EP expert who wrote the first Elvis Collectibles books). Rosalind was ill at the time and many Elvis items from her collection. Among the items I purchased was the earliest Elvis concert poster from the Eagle's Nest. I also purchased from her this original circular record store mobile for Sun 209 "That's All Right" which she said had hung at Poplar Tunes Record Store in Memphis. Ms. Cranor told me both the mobile and the Eagles Nest poster had belonged to a gentleman from Memphis who became an Elvis fan in 1954.

The hanger measures 14 inches in diameter and presents with areas of paper still adhered to the reverse, most likely from being attached to another round sign or perhaps a wall. Otherwise the piece is in remarkable, near mint condition.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Trina Young / Rock Hurst / Elvis Information Network)